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If anyone is interested, here's how the jeans turned out (Click to show)
Color isn't 100% accurate, but it's close. Also, I don't know why the left leg looks brighter than the right, but it's really not. In any case, they'll photograph better in natural light.

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Buy something in a straight slimish cut then get them tailored, this is the only way I get jeans to fit right, best fitting jeans are a pair of samurai 710 xx which is a slim straight that I had tapered to a 7" hem from the knee down. Most tapered cuts they start to taper at the thigh, problem is thighs don't taper...

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The RRL Southwest wash is basically exactly what I want. Anything that is button-fly, slim/tapered, and of good quality will fit the bill (provided I can take advantage of sales prices). This is all kind of a shame since the bleaching actually turned out really fucking well.
Hopefully someone will want to buy my jeans. happy.gif
Habitant, what kind of cut are teh 67s? I've really no knowledge of LVC. confused.gif
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^ I've got a pair of grey J Brand "Kane" jeans I got for cheap on sale a year ago, gonna see if getting them tapered will make them worthwhile to keep around. If that works out well, then I'll just do the same with another pair of straight-ish jeans.
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perfect denim are the triple works slim jeans. I have them in blue and black.. best quality, and cut.
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how does melinda gloss sizing run for bottoms? slim in the thigh?
YOu and your thighs.
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Can you proxy???
I think the real question :is: can YOU proxy?? puzzled.gif
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Which one is better?

They both make you look like a British copper. Consider chaving that goatee
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I think the greatest thing dior homme did was keeping hem width constant across sizes, while the triple work may offer a small hem opening in small sizes <30 for us bigger folk they end up having 8"+ hem openings

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Has anyone tried to rip off the back-pocket stitching on Nudie jeans? How did you do that/how did that turn out?
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i took them out of my iron hearts, just buy a seam ripper, and pick every stitch open, then pull the threads out, wash and steam and you'll never know they were there.

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Hab, first one looks better. Ps did you walk outta RG at like 5:30ish Friday night? Baseball cap, probable ginger
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This stuff is amazing if you haven't tried it, makes white so damn white by adding a little blue to counteract yellowing.

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Re: the HM MMM's at the Eaton's centre...

I was just there tonight, and all they had were whites in size 40, 43, and 44 ~ 15 pairs total
Blacks in size 44 -which I bought satisfied.gif ~ 7 pairs
There might have been one pair of size 40 black ones? But I might have mistaken those for white laugh.gif
Aside from that, I didn't see anything left there. Even one of the display boots (a 42) was missing its twin.

All the side zips there are 70% off 149.99 (works out to $50 CAD taxes in). Crazy cheap.

Other RFT: I was just passing through on the way home, and goddamn is Toronto ever up it's ass about Canada Goose. Seems like every winter there's just more people there wearing them. Indoors. When it's not even cold outside to begin with (it was -4 C at the lowest).

Walked in a J.Crew store for the first time. Every SA in there was like poorly dressed version of SF circa 2009. Cashmere sweaters retail for $339 (!)
What is wrong with this city?
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Originally Posted by habitant View Post

Which one is better?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

bottom pic

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Holy shit 339 for jcrew sweaters?
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should pick up some CP officer boots w/ the wedge sole and raf derbies, which you got jet

still trying to decipher what this means
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I had a quasi Miran moment:

Was out at the spot, washing hands in the bathroom when I looked in the mirror and thought: have I achieved Styleforum next level? Then I discarded that thought like paper towel I dried my hands with.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
(10) but it was a pretty SF approved fit
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Suicmez, welcome to Toronto!
Lol, I had a similar experience:
Got myself some h&m
Saw too many Canadian geese walking around
1800 dollar overcoats and 300+ dollar knits at club Monaco.
It had me questioning who their clientele was and if people actually buy this stuff? I mean, right across from CM is holt renfrew so I'm sure if one wants to spend money they'll end up there.

Take us on Sf for example, if we want to buy something we'll check out the usual suspects (lncc,corner,porter...). Ms007 brought up the fact that we don't really bother exploring other designers and he's kinda right..
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