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i use to walk around the mall with skrillex before he got cool.. that's my only cool story i have
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

really not a fan of skrillex. my roommate makes us listen to his terrible playlist of skrillex and avicci everytime we pregame and it makes me sad.
all i want to do is listen to chief keef and two chainz...CAN I LIVE?!



Skrillex was kinda interesting when he first popped up out of nowhere a couple years ago, it was a pretty new sound although I guess it was just the natural extension of what others were doing.  I would say that the #1 reason he gets so much hate is because he's sooo popular (and it's the kind of thing that takes about 3 minutes to annoy the shit out of you); you hear it constantly.  He's not necessarily a bad producer (although he's hardly a great one, either), just pretty one-dimensional which doesn't jive with how often you hear it.


I'll never understand avicii's popularity, the stuff is garbage and even just in terms of clubby party house music it has nothing going for it.

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Originally Posted by YOLO EMSHI View Post

Wrong thread, bro.
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Fuck that this is pregame music

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This is how us goth ninjas pregame:
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bad taste in music is a more relevant topic than what delicious fabrics people are not wearing.
Originally Posted by snake View Post

Whatever happened to the marco shots thread shah made? I think it's due for a comeback, being it knit season and all.
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I like listening to Frank Ocean and Carly Rae and Ryan Adams and Elliott Smith and Gil Scott-Heron and Taylor Swift and Sly & the Family Stone and Ghostface Killah and stuff.

One of my housemates had me listen to Rick Ross the other week—two chains, four bracelets/Let me see that ass clap, standing ovation —and it was pretty funny. That guy really likes Wingstop.

edit: I forgot D'angelo. Unfh.
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When Frank Sinatra follows Frank Ocean on my music library it's like the best thing ever... not to mention that Frankie Vallie comes after both. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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picked these up at marshalls for $40... really love wingtips to wear even casually, and these were pretty comfortable. 


do you think they are casual enough for jeans? what about khakis? (like, actual khaki colored chinos). finally, I have a pair of slim dark green chinos, is the matching too much? (Green pants + green shoes). 





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At long last!!!!!! About time.

Fuck you austinchan1004 from Australia. Now I have my money back and an empty Coke bottle.
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Atta boy. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Hype victim here. Just bought the h&m sidezips and I don't even like sidezips. But they're down to $44 here in Vancouver so I felt like I had to buy them.
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did you happen to see the prices on blazers and trousers?
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