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They are new old stock from sometime before 1971. The sellers probably crapped their pants when the bidding jumped from $30 to $666 in one bid.
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And I thought I liked denim
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Holy shit, that was fun to watch the last two minutes of that auction. They jumped from $1400 to $4500!
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damn... $4,494.44
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Jesus christ they ended for nearly $5000

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That seller is a lucky guy

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Crazy, wonder if Levi was bidding on them. 140 year old jeans in pristine

Wouldn't mind putting some sick fadez on those.
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1971 smile.gif
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Lol, oops. Didn't know all levis patches say 1873. Would've been cool though. biggrin.gif
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"Eiji wouldn’t (or couldn’t) offer up an exact price, but I did get him to admit that you would need at least $3000 to take these home."
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The fit photos on this site are fucking hilarious:
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that is the worst shop design ever. never seen a more confusing item page.
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Where 2 kop band collar/stand collar shirts?

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Porter drops...
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Shit, with all the internet approval I got from that pic, maybe I should keep... Can't buy internet approval.


(Kidding Space, kidding)

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