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Since we talking about shoes, what am I missing?

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Going to pick up something from Guidi end of Feb in a olive/gray hue.

Also just picked up a pair of black Generic Surplus derbies for $13 after credit applied to beat around in the office. Before it was the pair of Vanishing Elephant with the brown sole pictured. Real like them so needed another beater.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

on topic, how do park aves fit? need some dress shoes.

TTS but narrow, and god help you if you have a high instep. Instep aside, reminds me of Sidi fit.

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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

I'm selling stuff and getting pm's from people with 0 forum activity or any buyer/seller feedback. Should I just ignore these people?

Ask if they have feedback in other places? I hardly post on SuFu and mostly just use my account to PM sellers. I just give them links to my feedback here and on ebay.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

well, because I'm a reasonable human being, I do take into account how other people will perceive me, especially in environments were their opinion can have consequences on my life, or in a situation where my clothing choices could hurt someone I care about -- there's a reason that I wear a suit to a funeral, even though it's "boring and stupid".
there's a difference between living in "perpetual fear of offending someone" and dressing appropriately for a job interview because you want to make a good impression. I sure wish that I could wear whatever I want whenever I wanted and nobody would give a fuck, but that's not the world I (or anyone) lives in.
your clothing choices have both positive and negative consequences. just be thankful that the negative consequences we're talking about here aren't "getting lynched."
that's one of the biggest thing that people on this forum (moreso MC) fail to grasp -- context. certain clothing choices are appropriate in certain contexts.


Well, the job interview thing I can't personally relate to, since if the job is the type that won't hire me because my shoes aren't conservative enough, I don't want to work there.


The last funeral I went to was for a close friend's family member, and a lot of our friend group showed up.  Some wore suits, some wore jeans and sweaters, one even wore a t-shirt.  It didn't matter one bit, because the important thing was that they were there, not what they were wearing.


Clothes and design is a cool hobby, but don't get too caught up in it that you miss the forest, you know?

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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

I'm more concerned about the people who look like they just made an account today.

lol if you don't make a different account for every new purchase. marchal.gif
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Input on black leather sneakers with indigo?
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

the point is that while 99.99% of people won't notice, there is a small segment of people who will notice and who will care.
But all of that remaining .01% is on styleforum, and 90% of them don't meet people in real life anyway.
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Fair enough, though I do think that if something looks off in the Toj thread, people are willing to say it – including Drew.
Also, it's my birthday today. I'm 24 now.

Happy birthday, Mr. T.

I cannot believe how young most of SW&D is. Sometimes I think guys like Whoodini stopped posting here because they aged out.

Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

these two issues combined are what the problem is... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
, I think. I know why most of those guys don't post in WAYWT; it's because they feel it's too harsh and they don't want to get flamed. NYR at least will post in WAYWT occasionally, but otherwise, I don't see anyone else venturing outside the confines of the affiliate thread. And most of them need to. Posting in WAYWT and actually following the advice of people who knew what they were talking about helped me immensely. Even if all it does is teach you that you can't just buy a bunch of nice/expensive shit, throw it together, and expect to look good.

to their credit, Mike and his staff will never say anything bad about fits (nor should they), except in the rare occasion such as when I posted an admitted "not sure if good" blazerjeans fit and actively solicited advice. otherwise they have to tread lightly so as not to offend their customers, and understandably so.

it is too bad though that there isn't more active criticism of what gets posted there. I don't know what the solution is -- maybe I will suggest more often to guys that they ought to post in WAYWT but I don't want to just come off as saying "this is bad, and I'd like others to tell you why."

As far as Epaulet fanboys posting in WAYWT, I'm not sure most of them would get much out of it. I think for many of the folks in that thread, Epaulet represents to path to a high quality well fitting biz casual wardrobe. They want chinos, OCBDs, and a nice pair of boots to wear on the weekend. Nothing wrong with that, but not much to it either.
Originally Posted by Teger View Post

you should probably have a pair of actual dress shoes too.

I would agree with this, but then again I'm biased from the standpoint that I work in an office.

I stopped in at SuitSupply this weekend and was pretty disappointed. Everything fit really tight. When I tried on a suit, I had to size up to a 48L (U.S. sizing) to get enough room in the chest. Still didn't look right. Walked into Paul Stuart, put on the 44 Tall, fit like a glove. $1600 though.
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Happy birthday to Brad.

At least we're all older that koy
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I'll even admit I own a pair of AE Park Avenues for the express purpose Teger said, formal interviews. Thank god I grew out of that mind set. I probably still have them somewhere, but I haven't worn them let alone seen them in probably 7 years or so.
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Does Oki-Ni require a returns form to be filled out when returning an item? The customer service person mentioned one in an email I got from them, but I can't seem to find such a thing on their website.

Silly, maybe, but Oki-Ni hasn't responded to my last email as fast as I'd like.
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I'm a relative noob to the SF world, and browsing the WAYWT thread, do these people REALLY wear all that crap every day? I know SF's got a reputation for espousing high end stuff left and right, but really, how liveable are most of those outfits? I'd bet most of the things people wear in there, they're afraid of even getting a crease in their shirt or shoes. To me, if you can't comfortably live in your wardrobe - meaning, you're not afraid to get things a bit scuffed up, lived in, a stain here or there (of course try to avoid and correct those within reason), or not sweat about if someone doesn't recognize your $800 shoes and $200 tie - then you're doing it wrong. Maybe it's just my youngblood (aka no monies) status, but the best collections I've seen in those kinds of threads are the ones that you could wear day-in and day-out without having to justify them or needing groupie-approval. That's not to say some luxury items are worthless, but there's just a general fascination and unfounded need by people my age that just has me scratching my head sometimes, not just here on SF.


I got a pair of AE McAllisters shortly after I discovered SF because I actually needed a new pair of nicer shoes to wear to a wedding and other soon-to-be-coming weddings and formals. I thought it was a good investment, and I can't see myself ever getting rid of these shoes for an upgrade unless there is some ultra-compelling reason. Heck, I should probably wear them more often, given they're the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever purchased for myself.

TL;DR - things people have already said before

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Not once have I avoided doing something for fear of ruining my clothes. Things are replaceable, experiences are not.

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I'm the same as Urthwhyte. I also don't follow washing instructions. I throw everything in the washer/dryer no matter fabric, color etc. I don't really understand though what sort of restrictions you would encounter by wearing luxe clothing?
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It's always fun to see noobs insult the entire community with unfounded accusations and strawman arguments.
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