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My step father asked my 4 year old niece if something good or bad was going to happen on dec 21,2012 and she said something bad was going to happen to all the people in the world patch[1].gif
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

miran just called me

words cannot describe


i now know what it sounds like


So... what'd he say?

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Anything more than two screens is too many for me frown.gif What do you need more for?

Documentation, large browser window, mail client, terminals with IRC, IM, all your code/reading. Juggling only 2 or 3 virtual desktops instead of 8+multiple tmux sessions eases the cognitive load of context switching.  I got ruined using 2 x 24"+ a 30" at my last internship - once you become accustomed to all that real estate and a more esoteric window manager that takes advantage of it, e.g i3, xmonad, it's difficult to go back to something with less.

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how can I achieve this look?

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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Random fashion thought: this exists:

I'll see you this, and raise you these. Taken at the adidas employee store the other day.

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Those aren't even the craziest Jeremy Scotts I don't think.
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No, they definitely aren't, but they are among the crazier ones I've seen in person, so I had to snap a shot or two.

There are some that are so "concept" I'm genuinely impressed a product manager/marketing manager combo somewhere actually allowed them to be produced.
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Yeah, I remember recently the controversy over the pair with with the chain that connected to the ankle and people freaked out about it "referencing slavery". I think I've seen a couple of the wing pairs in person, but none of the teddy bear ones. SMH, at least Jeremy Scott doesn't take himself too seriously.
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

IFinn lol I was just looking at that desk on a diff shop! Any other desk recos? Or online shops?

It depends on your budget.

I have been looking at this
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by chamel View Post

What kinds of clothing is a perfect example of the style of Gangnam Style. I like to dance this dance and it's looking like you are riding a horse. So is cowboy style like Gangnam style. I want to attract the sexy ladies with this type of clothing style biggrin.gif

This is what you do. Just stencil a black bow tie onto a white t shirt. It helps if you have a clean pair of longwings and money by the way. But so anyway, when you're at the bar with your psy outfit and you're doing the dance, you can't pretend you're on a horse. This is the crucial part. Instead of looking like you have a bridle in your hands you actually have to imagine you have both of your hands on a girl's head while she pistons her mouth over your penis. And you repeat. You visualize this and it works. I'm telling you, it kills. It's a pheromone thing and girls pick up on it. If that doesn't work, you pull out a white glove and walk backwards while making it look like your going forwards. The cougars will be all over you.
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I really want something like this nod[1].gif

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A ladies' Chanel jacket?

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The jeremy scott sneakers are something you wear to a rave, not really a fashion sneaker.  

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Is the second one Alexander Wang?

I saw a YouTube video recently of some group of thugtards (A$AP-whatever) going apeshit in a streetwear store and they all introduced themselves to the camera, with the last guy saying "Yo wassup, it's .... who am I kidding, y'all know me" -- when actually, no, I haven't a clue, and I'm much happier that way.
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