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why would he sell that :|
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I remember thinking really hard about copping that robe. But the lack of buttons kept me away, ultimately. Such beautiful wool, though frown.gif
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it's really small tho, innit? like XS
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Wore some shades of grey today for a shoot. Shit is soft as hell

How many buttons fell off? How many seams came undone?
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

6As in basic colors always sell fast. There's still loads of other stuff, though. The 1As are underrated- so warm.

I was thinking about the wine 1A, buy there's only xs and xl left.

May just end up getting the red one, it seems like a better purchase, than the kitsune I have been looking at (its half the price).
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Is there any place to get 6A in the US? I want some inverallan
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^No. Inventory (when they have it) is your closest option. UK is always cheaper, though. I'd rather buy most clothes from the country/continent of origin and take my chances with customs.
Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

I was thinking about the wine 1A, buy there's only xs and xl left.
Ah, yeah, wine is an uncommon color. I have a hat in that holly red color, and it doesn't seem to be quite as bright as in the End photo.
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Let's file the term fashion forward in the dumbass clothing terms drawer please, thanks.
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There's some on ebay but they're like $150 more than end prices.

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Many of the ones on ebay seem rather irregular and not of the same quality. Maybe they are seconds? I bought a pair of mittens off Ebay, and they were oddly shaped and stunk of lanolin.

Edit: I slightly take that back. The 6As up there now look quite nice. Edit again: comparing emails and stock, they look they are being sold by Mandon...
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gettoasty you need to take a day's break from posting
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Jet how come you are looking into cheaper brands like Uniqlo? Sometimes I get an urge to buy a higher priced items like I use to, but I think a person can do pretty good with buying uniqlo and spend the savings on nice shoes and outerwear (although even most my outerwear is now Uniqlo, pretty much Uniqlo + APC + Aldens uniform for me).
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One time use beaters for his cigar smoking habits probably satisfied.gif
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Serious answer, I take great comfort in knowing I can wear some uniqlo at times when I don't want to care about shit getting fucked. I have a stark, an ervell jacket and kimmel bomber in my trunk for whichever strikes my fancy and goes with what I got on. I throw the down jacket in there too and for example I put it on last night while we smoked cigars by the coast and was toasty as fuck. It drizzled a little and got cold, I almost started sweating sitting by the heaters. I like having player and plebe versions of some things. I don't want to replace my nicer items and want to make them last for years so that's where uniqlo comes in. The value is excellent and they usually have to fill whatever holes you may have in your wardrobe. I like their business model and no other place offers so much value for the bare minimum design that I think is acceptable. I'm not going to wear $700 knits to work or drop burning ash on yafeelme?
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