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I thought it was just a typo of "gonna" since the keys are right next to each other
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Anyone have any recommendations for silk robes?

you know I do
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

the only issue with a denim jacket is i wear denim pants a lot, and i'm not a fan of the "canadian tuxedo."


If you keep the shades apart you´ll be alright. If it´s the same "blue", then yeah, you´re in canadian tuxedo territory.

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Originally Posted by dalmatian View Post

what's  a canadian tuxedo?
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Thanks for the advice everyone, thus far it appears my search for a proper winter jacket is going to feature more indecision than the 2010 Republican primaries.



Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post
with that style collar or a funnel neck/high collar?
definitely kka/attachment, helmut lang womens (you can prob fit if i can!), bless, ccp
i had a dream i met ccp and i woke up and realized he looked like cristian from sz laugh.gif

Funnel/high-neck would be great to keep out all the rain; HL is looking pretty promising, especially if I can track down one of the old cheap bondage strap ones icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif



Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
I'd say to look to Paris and Milan for something like that, rather than Tokyo, which is more expensive, especially given the exchange. Costume National does a narrow silhouette much like that, and their outerwear was always Capasa's strong suit. Kris van Assche probably also does something similar, and I might look at Les Hommes as well. It's a little too Euroglam for my urban hobo/Killer Cowboy tastes, but I could see it looking good.

Someone from another forum advised me to look into Prada, Jil et al and that's actually turning up a few things. Will check out KvA and LH as well next weekend.



Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post
Siki Im makes something very similar to what you described. Though if you can find it in the U.S. it will be a lot cheaper.

Can't argue that Siki makes some nice stuff, but I think aesthetically he's a bit too rough? to fit in with the rest of my wardrobe.

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Lol I can't even imagine caseyfud saying "finna" lol8[1].gif. You dudes are mad funny.

I can actually see Mikey saying it in a noncholant way. Since he has #swag.
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<3 u boo.
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A Rick high neck Intarsia in my size just sold on E-bay for $575 shipped. ffffuuuu.gif
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hey nineohtoo and his crew in union square SF

i see you in your flyknits

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Oh shit. Should have said what's up dude. Did you just see me in Union Square or in Chinatown too? I caused a bit of a commotion at the Gate and almost got hit by cars twice only to end up getting shot in the face. Good times lol.
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B&S is great for buyers, awful for sellers right now. and just as i want to do a wardrobe purge.. ffffuuuu.gif
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april and october are golden months for the B&S sellers.
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sorry I know this has been covered before but what is the deal with ordering from LN-CC and vat and duties? Do they subtract vat and hit you with duties? Or do you get hit with vat and duties?
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They subtract VAT by law. The customs system hits you with their fees!
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If you check out in USD then VAT is deducted automatically but they ship DDP so customs is included.
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