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can't wait to kick it with snowman sup D money
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60% polyester, 30% wool, 10% nylon

How should I was this knit? I know I know poly and nylon knit belongs in garbage but I love this thing
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i want more side zips

i don't need more side zips

dlester sell me those black patent boots you just bought
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

can't wait to kick it with snowman sup D money

sup shah money xl
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

i want more side zips
i don't need more side zips

ftfy devil.gif
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can you come downtown in 2 weeks will send you details in a couple days when i get tix settled ...
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yeah man let me know!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

whatever happened to p^4

I'm still around. Kinda. Been spending a lot less time dicking around online in the past few months. It's been good, actually.

Saw Patrik Ervell at the movies last night. Debated saying hello and then decided against it when I realized I didn't really have anything to say. foo.gif The movie was Skyfall, by the way. Didn't like it.

RFT: been looking at winter coats and I think Attachment makes some of the nicest I've seen. Now on my wish list. Glad brad-t started the thread on here too. More design talk, less shopping talk. nod[1].gif
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Weren't you supposed to move to Miami? Or somewhere in Florida?
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It still might happen but probably not until May at the earliest. Though it seems less likely overall. We shall see...
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^you ain't goin nowhere

Going to do some damage this week.
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A few thoughts:

- The Asos scoop necks—while obviously cheap and nothing to write home about—shrunk like crazy in the wash. Then again, I'm dumb because I put them through a hot wash. Oh well. Now they are slutty in a not-so-attractive way.

- I like wearing my black Uniqlo jeans more than I like wearing my Jesus16s. They obviously won't "age" like raw denim, but goddamn if they aren't more comfortable. I also like indigo less and less; need some cool grey jeans à la AFL's Acnes.

- Went to some basement party last night to wingman a good friend. Random girl I did not know loved my jacket; we talked for 40 minutes. Literally ran into some friends. The first thing they exclaim: "Oh my god that jacket is so coo—OH MY GOD IT IS SO SOFT." Ran into the first girl again, we talk more and join her friends upstairs in their kitchen where I am plied with more drinks and pizza (think Odysseus with Calypso, I guess? but without the whole "captive" aspect or something). It's insane how many compliments/captivated stares this jacket has gotten me lately. shog[1].gif

- Like Mikey, I pretty much wear the same thing every day now. CPs, black Uniqlo jeans, Everlane/Hanes/AA tee, ToJ. Super satisfied.
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lol will you be around if so why not !? perhaps we can coax miran into making an appearance as well biggrin.gif
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no, just wishful conceptual forest thinking.
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

i might be selling my kva high-waisted shorts. lemme know smile.gif
with that style collar or a funnel neck/high collar?
definitely kka/attachment, helmut lang womens (you can prob fit if i can!), bless, ccp
i had a dream i met ccp and i woke up and realized he looked like cristian from sz laugh.gif

I'd say to look to Paris and Milan for something like that, rather than Tokyo, which is more expensive, especially given the exchange. Costume National does a narrow silhouette much like that, and their outerwear was always Capasa's strong suit. Kris van Assche probably also does something similar, and I might look at Les Hommes as well. It's a little too Euroglam for my urban hobo/Killer Cowboy tastes, but I could see it looking good.

Inspired by my exchange with Zissou yesterday, I dug up some older stuff today, and am actually not wearing a S.N.S. Herning Stark for about the first time in a week. I have on a charcoal, raw seams, wool felt, Kris van Assche low 2 button sportsjacket with a standup (well, more like rolled up) collar - I think that it is from the AW09 (maybe 08?) season, over an olive brown Our Legacy shawl v-neck sweater (09?), a well aged brown going towards back Margiela belt with a blackened buckle (also 09?), and some extremely worn in, oversized, RRL slim fit jeans. Trickers chukkas in visone repello suede with a midnight Vibram sole. I even got my amused wife ("Hey, where is your cardigan? You should wear more sportscoats.") to take a bunch of photos. If I can get her to upload them to her computer, I may even post a picture, for the first time in years.

None of this is the really old stuff. Most of that is in true storage, excepting a pair of Cloak pants from 04, and a long, super heavy, a Cloak sweater from 03 in the trunk that I never open, that I am scared may be seriously moth eaten (though, theoretically, that would make it even more authentic), and a Costume National jacket from 01 (that was my favorite jacket for years, until I wore it into submission.)

What is old is new again.
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If anyone thought I was writing in earnest about the "ultimate in bachelorhood" in the Contentedness thread, I'll be terribly disappointed.
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