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Originally Posted by fungz0r View Post

budget is around 500? I saw a krane parka on sufu once and for the life of me can't seem to find it using the search. Not even sure what I want anymore, could either go with a heavier coat and not layer, or just layer with a lighter coat
maybe this:
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Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

Has anyone ordered from Vertice london? Just no shipping confirmation or replies to emails, I know they're legit just hoping their customer service isn't always this bad.  
They. Are. Awful. Stay the fuck away. Trust. PM if you need details.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

Content with my minimal* collection of shoes.

haha, i only own two pairs of shoes and i feel mostly content with them redface.gif
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Holy shit so it turns out my Schneider Kilim shirt was actually sent all the way back to Belgium, guy messed up on the address. Took forever to return, jesus. Guess he's sending it back out this monday

Glad to know all this shit is over, no gov't red tape for me!
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

i also agree that i enjoy wearing and owning nice things but lets not try and pretend that styleforum doesn't tend to value overconsumption of said nice things. in uni you really can get away with (and this is disregarding formalwear) one nice pair of jeans, some nice boots, some nice shoes, a bunch of uniqlo oxfords, some mid weight jackets and 1-2 heavy winter jackets. if you're on a limited budget, IMO, anything more than that is more than you really nee and you'd probably be better served using that money on something else. again, just my experience and what i'm starting to realize. que synth's post about dressing in college.

But why are you here if you're just trying to "get away with" certain clothing? I mean people here are cool and everything, but the reason why I post here a lot is because people are interested in the same things as I am, not that they want to dress in the lowest common denominator. Synth's post is a lot for beginners who just happen to stumble upon SF, not people who already show that they're genuinely interested in design. For 3 years now I have slowly built up a wardrobe that I'm very, very happy with it, and I honestly did not spend that much. Big purchases take longer, but B&S, sufumarket, and ebay are all very useful for building an amazing closet for a lot cheaper than one would expect.

What does the bolded part even mean? We value overconsumption? It's a hobby, one that a lot of us are heavily invested in. Just because you're buying things doesn't mean that it's overconsumption (or rather that all the negative connotations of the word apply).
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I've realized that my wardrobe is in a state on continual flux and refiguring. I have some pieces I wear constantly and never sell, but everything else moves in and out as my tastes change. The idea of wearing the same 15 things for the next four years is boring - and I don't want to just keep adding, and adding, and adding. Also part of the enjoyment in clothing for me is finding things cheaply -- I really do like the search, although I rarely hone in an item and spend months to track it down.

That said, my wardrobe isn't really big right now. I'm reading my shoe collection due to sizing issues/having different needs these days, but other than having like 50 t shirts I really don't own that many clothes.
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

haha, i only own two pairs of shoes and i feel mostly content with them redface.gif

I owned like 1-2 pairs of shoes I actually wore (3? total) at the start of this year. Now I wear 7 pairs (own like 10) and I have a few more in mind (see sig for one)....4 pairs are Ann D.
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Shoes are hard. frown.gif I think I have weird fit, or I'm just super-sensitive to uncomfortable shoes, but if something doesn't fit really comfortably I'm just never going to wear it.
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I built too fast. I've slowed down my purchases, restrained impulse buys, and I've become much happier with the things I do ultimately get. Need to move out some old stock, but I anticipate smooth sailing from there cool.gif
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The Ann D combat boots I just bought look kinda awkward on me. Fuck.
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and what do they look like?
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

haha, i only own two pairs of shoes and i feel mostly content with them redface.gif

I could maybe get rid of the black shell boots and the white chucks, but then I would have nothing to wear with my suit and summer linen (respectively). Everything else I wear on a very regular basis. I wouldn't mind adding a pair of MOTO shoes to the mix someday.
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They're the tan ones from SS12 (these)

I think it might be my proportions or leg shape or something, idk. The boot tuck just looks bad. I thought maybe I need some looser pants, but brad tucks his into skinny pants all the time.
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Could be the colour too; If the pants are too baggy they'll flop over the shaft and it'll be easier to tell its sloppy.
I like tapered pants for boot tucking; much neater.
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Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post

Autumn Sweater by Yo La Tengo

virgin suicide soundtrack.
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