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Ok, so take a look at this. It's a neck accessory from Sruli Recht that's made from bird wings.

It's a piece that's totally arbitrary and serves no purpose except for decoration and looks really strange. And yet it sits right next to a necktie, which is equally arbitrary and yet I don't think twice about it because I've been conditioned my whole life to think Ties Are Normal.

In an alternate universe, the birdwings could have been the Normal accessory. I could have been suiting up for a job interview and trying to choose the perfect pair of wings to go with my suit. And then I'd hop online and wince at a Sruli Recht Silk Band.

That's my omg society moment for the day.
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100% Authentic Bird Wings
Wood Structure

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In other news looks like our little old friend clarksdb went full retard mc, du has a suit picture as his avatar.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

It wasn't always like this but there's definitely an adaptive capacity with regards to the mind's ability to recognize good/progressive design.....

When I just read that post I had the mental picture of someone on jets laptop, writing away, with the real jet sitting handcuffed in a corner crying:

" get me outta those pleb handcuffs doggy. Please, you re on my jock all day du."
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The purger in me is daring to sell off about a half dozen things from my closet. They're garments I really don't wear much, mostly Mister Freedom and some EG, but are so unique that I might periodically enjoy pulling them out of the closet to wear. Don't get me wrong, there is some MF, like my midnight denim peacoat, that I'll keep forever. But, I feel like I've moved on from looking like a full-on ship's captain. I'm torn.

In similar news, I was wondering how much I actually like my Nanamica duffle from last FW, until I tried it on over my Mallory jacket. Fuck me, it was a great fit, and it'll be an excellent overcoat this winter.

Sometimes, I feel like I don't appreciate what I have and truly like if there are items in my closet that I'm not sure I want to keep. I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person.
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Belstaff makes $2200+ CANVAS totes. Belstaff.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

i want to buy this rrl cardigan, wear it oversized over some faded denim, a white oxford and some boots.

remind me of Abercrombie

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Has anyone ordered from Vertice london? Just no shipping confirmation or replies to emails, I know they're legit just hoping their customer service isn't always this bad.  

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    "only one handcuffed is your mom"

That was a fast fall-back to the old unsecure clowning. Seriously, why do you write like a highschool dropout 99% of the time?
Regarding your point, it is actually not untrue. But you are concentrating on a very select number of big (western) designers, and the same can definitly not be said for the majority of the community.
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Regis is that you?
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lol8[1].gif Not my fault MS007 doesn't like the baller du...better than you...lifestyle. In fact just because the guy has a QofS avatar, I even went out of my way to let him know how to go about it in this very thread. I wouldn't have the time/patience to spend trying to balance other accounts, like yourself

In the older threads I have come across you seem informative, you should probably give that a try again and drop the act
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I knew you guys were circlejerkin over me in private that's so cute.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I knew you guys were circlejerkin over me in private that's so cute.

No. Besides the laughing icon, that was a sincere post. Take it how you like
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