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Ok, so take a look at this. It's a neck accessory from Sruli Recht that's made from bird wings.

It's a piece that's totally arbitrary and serves no purpose except for decoration and looks really strange. And yet it sits right next to a necktie, which is equally arbitrary and yet I don't think twice about it because I've been conditioned my whole life to think Ties Are Normal.

In an alternate universe, the birdwings could have been the Normal accessory. I could have been suiting up for a job interview and trying to choose the perfect pair of wings to go with my suit. And then I'd hop online and wince at a Sruli Recht Silk Band.

That's my omg society moment for the day.
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100% Authentic Bird Wings
Wood Structure

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In other news looks like our little old friend clarksdb went full retard mc, du has a suit picture as his avatar.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

It wasn't always like this but there's definitely an adaptive capacity with regards to the mind's ability to recognize good/progressive design.....

When I just read that post I had the mental picture of someone on jets laptop, writing away, with the real jet sitting handcuffed in a corner crying:

" get me outta those pleb handcuffs doggy. Please, you re on my jock all day du."
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The purger in me is daring to sell off about a half dozen things from my closet. They're garments I really don't wear much, mostly Mister Freedom and some EG, but are so unique that I might periodically enjoy pulling them out of the closet to wear. Don't get me wrong, there is some MF, like my midnight denim peacoat, that I'll keep forever. But, I feel like I've moved on from looking like a full-on ship's captain. I'm torn.

In similar news, I was wondering how much I actually like my Nanamica duffle from last FW, until I tried it on over my Mallory jacket. Fuck me, it was a great fit, and it'll be an excellent overcoat this winter.

Sometimes, I feel like I don't appreciate what I have and truly like if there are items in my closet that I'm not sure I want to keep. I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person.
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Belstaff makes $2200+ CANVAS totes. Belstaff.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

i want to buy this rrl cardigan, wear it oversized over some faded denim, a white oxford and some boots.

remind me of Abercrombie

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Has anyone ordered from Vertice london? Just no shipping confirmation or replies to emails, I know they're legit just hoping their customer service isn't always this bad.  

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    "only one handcuffed is your mom"

That was a fast fall-back to the old unsecure clowning. Seriously, why do you write like a highschool dropout 99% of the time?
Regarding your point, it is actually not untrue. But you are concentrating on a very select number of big (western) designers, and the same can definitly not be said for the majority of the community.
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Regis is that you?
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lol8[1].gif Not my fault MS007 doesn't like the baller du...better than In fact just because the guy has a QofS avatar, I even went out of my way to let him know how to go about it in this very thread. I wouldn't have the time/patience to spend trying to balance other accounts, like yourself

In the older threads I have come across you seem informative, you should probably give that a try again and drop the act
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I knew you guys were circlejerkin over me in private that's so cute.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I knew you guys were circlejerkin over me in private that's so cute.

No. Besides the laughing icon, that was a sincere post. Take it how you like
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

It wasn't always like this but there's definitely an adaptive capacity with regards to the mind's ability to recognize good/progressive design. When I got into this game in 06 I wasn't able to process a lot of things when i saw them, not able to see them in context nor multi-dimensionally. I would just see what was on the rack or in pictures online. Clothes have to be felt and worn to be appreciated, on the hanger they are just two dimensions but on the body the depth and volume is perceived. I spent a great deal of time on the forums and going to virtually every shop in LA trying things on so slowly my mind was able to digest all of the details and design of each garment. There are things I still kick myself for not picking up but I didn't know better back then because my comfort zone was far more constricted that it is now. There was a willhelm robe I thought was ridiculous and it sat at sw for months until one day it finally disappeared. It took me over a year to recognize how brilliant it was. Contrary to your initial point it only got better when I really figured out what jil was about in 07 even though I handled it quite a bit the year prior at barneys. Different shops have different buys and jil especially has quite the expansive showroom from what I hear. It is nearly impossible for any two shops to have somewhat similar buys and quality is tiered in my experience. A particular shop I dealt with only sold the very high end garments while barney's down the street had the crude pedestrian pieces because they were afraid the others were too luxurious and unaffordable I imagine. This design boom lasted until late 2009 which is what I've been lecturing here for some time, then and now it is still superb when I go through my closet and pictures I've saved. The fact that hindsight is clearer or the perception that older is better has no bearing on my opinions, it just is. We are definitely in a design depression since vb is no more, mmm design team is history, raf going insane and making a mockery of jil not to mention his own line in as far as the aesthetics I am drawn to. There are new designers emerging all the time and there always will be but none of them really seem to have a more signature vision that lends itself to perceived wearability than my preferred ones above.

Well, she is back, sorta. Here's hoping that new mens collections follow soon.
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