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hate life so much right now. want to just take my cc buy some 2k augustas and be irresponsible.
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Sorry for your loss.

Don't do that though. Get off the internet and go buy a nice drink instead. A few of them.
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I'm not actually going to. spent enough today on the final vet bills lol. i actually just went out and bought two tallboys (is this still applicable to the oversized beer bottles?) of random ciders. drinking the first one now, kind of yeasty though.
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Sorry teger, that's so sad frown.gif
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sorry son frown.gif

fucking hate that the cool fall weather disappeared and summer is back that bitch refuses to go away, it'll be mid 80s next few days mad.gif
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It was -5C here last night.
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-5C is the perfect winter temperature
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So I just happened across these laceless MMM-ish canvas oxfords at the thrift store; think I'll slather them white, wait, see if the desire for painted GATs will pass...
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it started to snow here today
i moved to this appartment 3 weeks ago
and today there are cows in front of my window lol

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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

It was -5C here last night.

Is that cold? I'll ask my cousin from sweden.
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Not cold for us, but probably cold for you. Literally freezing.
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Hmm 23 degrees? I think I've felt that a few times in the mountains, the coldest was around 17 deg.

It's supposed to be 90 (32C) today.
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By scandinavian standards not really, below zero fahrenheit isn't uncommon here.

It was snowing the other day in Stockholm.
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It was already -10°C/14°F and snowing here the other day.
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Thinking about getting a tattoo...
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