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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Margiela boots are around 900. h&m, for what I´ve seen are 50, so 240 seems like a decent middle ground, doesn´t it??

this logic is flawed
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Is a size 43 in MMM gats the same as 43 in MMM side zip boots?
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Ive been thinking about wearing more mustard yellow, wine, turquoise or gray colored straight cut chino's rolled up with oversized solid or minimal graphic print tees and moccasin or medallion style boots...not sure how random that it but I was just thinkin..
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

this logic is flawed

no. the use of logic itself is alright, but the actual facts are just wrong.
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Do tell.  Are mmm boots not around that price??

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the middle ground between extreme shit and good is still shit
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One of the guys who knows a lot about boots (from baller boot thread) should take the bullet and snatch a pair when they hit stores; then do some quality checking, come here and brief as all. If it´s shit, we´ll save some money.

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I don't think anyone is planning on buying except you - I don't think I would buy plimsolls from H&M for $5, certainly not something leather for $240. Buying something less expensive as the substitute for something more expensive you want more only leads to heartbreak and wasted money in the long run

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Might buy jeans, some of the accessories, the top coat only if decent, boots I wouldn't even dream of.  MMM boots are already kinda shit quality for the price, I must admit my brown sidezips get more compliments than all of my other boots.

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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

why? you can buy MMM side zips for $200 if you're patient

Definitely not, a size 42/43 in black, classic shape? No way.

What is the sizing on them anyways? Size down, a la CP, or TTS like GATs?
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I got black side zips for $400. I'd say size down half a size so if you're 11.5 go with a 44

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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

I forgot where I read this, maybe the high fashion thread or a magazine I've got but he often likes to blend east with west. Mixing kurtas and blazers, he tweaks the silhouettes and comes up with something very different. He's got white boys wearing kurtas! laugh.gif

Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

there's one year of mcqueen where he used a lot of japanese influences... think it was ss08?

Thanks for the advice guys, I totally forgot about Siki Im and McQueen. I've been looking at some more old school dudes like Yohji and Issey but totally forgot modern. Also I need to find some more mainstream dudes soon (McQueen is pretty popular) that people cna connect to.

Also the MMM X h&m stuff looks good foo.gif or is it just cause i havent' bought anything lately or looked at fashion... school sucks frown.gif
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you've posted 5 different outfits in 3 different threads in the last 10 minutes...
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Already have over $100 worth of stuff in my Uniqlo cart haha, time to get me some heattech and socks yeaaaa boyyy
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