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just wanna say thanks for the music recommendations. no way in hell i would know ab-soul or kendrick lamar if not from here.
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

 Side zips look great and I´m in dire need of another pair of boots. No regrets for me... that is if I have the chance to buy them.


I got my pair of mainline side zips for 40 bucks more than that, and they don't look like shit like the H&M ones.

Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

for me some of the stuff coming out of the (post) grime scene in the UK blows away a lot of current US hip hop
(this is Trimbal, remixed by James Blake)


It's just very different, but I usually prefer it too. 


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Here we go again with the music talk:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Well, just like most US rap/hiphop, UK grime has been a lot better. Early 2000's were fantastic with Roll Deep, Boy Better Know, early Dizzee Rascal, Kano, etc... Stuff was still raw.

Today it's all been done and the MCs are just in it for cashing in on the mainstream, being goofy and releasing cheesy club bangers. Just look at what happened to Dizzee.


This shit's really good.




It was pretty damn into it when I was 16-17. Wore purple camo snapbacks with fly as shit windbreakers and the latest Air Maxes, haha.




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bloodline UK is my fav grime. bbk too soft & party shit.
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is anyone going to be stocking the inverallen 3a this season? really want another chunky cardigan.
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

I was going to post a spoiler tag and, when you click it, reveal a critical spoiler to the first season
But then I realized this would be completely unfair because no one expects actual spoilers when they click on spoiler tags.

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How is customs from wrongweather? Specifically to Canada..
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raf bomber starting at 4:30?
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Don't think so. Doesn't have knit cuffs, has epaulets (cue notwithit telling me they are actually called something else lol)
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ya, the shape just looked right
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I really hope you do.
In other news, some cat just paid 400 gbp for some red wings
God I love this place.

The thought of someone paying $400 for those really bums me out
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He actually paid $640.

Welcome back.
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Yet another reason why I had to break up with NC. I'm gonna go have a beer a sulk a little.
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