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just buy one there are a few good ones out
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I'm looking at a Schneider one but $400 is still hard to swallow

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Definitely cringed when I saw that on their site.
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Kinda want a popped schneider cardigan

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Sort of reminds me when World Championship Wrestling brought in a wrestler during the mid-90s and named him The Final Solution, apparently unaware of the namesake's less than admirable background.
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they seem pretty aware
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well thats fucked up
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he deleted the tweet. lol
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probs doesnt help sales to advertise genocide as the underpinning intellectual idea for your brand
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The relocation, etc of native americans was just a consequence of the policy and they were rarely explicitly mentioned, and if they were it was not as people but as part of the "frontier to be conquered."  It's still an idiotic thing to put on a shirt but it's not quite as bad as, for example, the final solution (which made me laugh).

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Direct consequence. It would be like saying that Nazi world domination was an intellectually different idea than their racial superiority ideas. Two are intimately tied up. Ditto with MD. You can't really say you deserve the land someone else is on and uses without first making the intellectual judgement that they do not deserve it and dont have the same rights etc.

Mad Lib version

The ___(insert race/national group)___ need living space more than ___(insert minority)___ so we just going to take it and put you into ___(reservations/detention camps)___

I do agree its stupid to put on a shirt. Just more stupid than you think it is I guess biggrin.gif
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Oh, come on, KJ. You can't separate killing and relocating American Indians from conquering the frontier. Sure, there was the (faulty) idea that the same agricultural practices from the east would work in the arid west. But, the settlers could rarely even occupy the land unless they got rid of the Indians first. A large part of Manifest Destiny was the belief that the white Americans were racially superior and that Indians were heathens who needed to be converted to Christianity. Sound familiar?
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fuck yeah america
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Holy shit KJ...
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