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Originally Posted by TWorksheets View Post

Is there any better street-style blog than Mister Mort? Hi-res images, lots of details shots, a wide range of styles/ages/races/body types, etc. What more could you ask for?

otomayim b dipper is my favorite, although its been dying for updates lately.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

I'm sick of:
1) No break everything. You skinny assholes look like Peewee Herman. And you fat fuckers look like Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb.
2) Fashion bloggers with huge phallic DSLRs. You are not shooting rare birds. You don't need that shit.
3) Sideparts - fuck you. You are not Don Draper, and you are not some fucker from a Golden Age movie.
4) Slim chinos - Listen, you dumbfucks. Chinos were the uniform of BestBuy employees, and where are they now? That's right. So stop that shit. Wear jeans or wool pants. Linen in the summer, if you are a Eurotrash asshole or if you play a lot of golf with fat storage unit billionaires.
5) Bloggers photographing one another. We don't need to see public fellation. If I want to see that shit, I will go to a sex show and pay. Thanks.
6) Ironic anything - yeah, that goes for all you hipster people from Brooklyn. At least in Portland, the gods get angry and rain on your ass. Brooklyn seems to be some sort of safe haven.

I, of course, agree. Well I sorta like linen blends for summer but for, say, a dinner jacket so...

Irony is worst than rolled up chinos and a bowtiw though, truly the cancer of our times.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

There's a Huge Fuckin' Tits thread?

I started it. And it's been one of the best threads on this site ever.
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Back doors thread is about 800 times more appealing.
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Lacoste.  hmm.

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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post



Lacoste.  hmm.

pants and shoes are nice though

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Yeah ^ that's why i posted it lol, figured it was obvious :)

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If I need to go MC I would probably get 2-3 suits in navy , charcoal, and beige or brown hue perhaps with a pattern. 5-10 ties for starter is good.

For SWD-MC and still appropriate for my job I would look no further than Ervell TBH. Shoes of course can be worn with both attires.
And if beaters are necessary for everyday, Uniqlo dress shirts and wool trousers with some alterations.

Easy peasy.
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Need recs for good oriental rug online retailer
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Any shops in Philadelphia worth visiting? The only threads I have found are MC-related.
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Unfortunately, not really. There's a Barney's Co-op but their buys are pretty uninspiring.
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Plokhov sale was awesome, thanks Bows for telling me to go. Got 4 great pieces for like $240.
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