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I was thinking of doing a project on goth ninj inspired ski clothes....

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Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

Visually I dig monk straps, suede single monks in particular, worn with a suit.  When you actually need a suit, not worn to fashion week with a "blogger blue" double breasted blazer and jeans.

I was just thinking I kind of wanted a db jacket to wear with jeans frown.gif
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 white jeans, your side zips, dark grey DB jacket and slut neck tee could look good.

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saw some SA at the brick n mortar last week. tight italian suit and fucking bright blue suede slippers with a buckle thing. ..and no fucking socks. brodude was walking around like he was the shit. srsly, what's up with these SA's at snooty shops like that who only work on commission ignoring customers? "who helped you today?" "nobody" "oooh sorry!"

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double monks are boss, and yves klein prolly picked his nose once and called it blogger blue.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Getting really tired of bloggers using terms like "stunt" and "dope" to describe #menswear brands and pieces. I have met a lot of you, and you are all pretty nice guys, and articulate, so seriously, find a new schtick.
At the same time, it's at least more amusing to read than the Monocle "I'm traveling the world with a broom handle wedged firmly in my bum" tone has been old for a while.
Maybe the two groups should get together and figure something out.

They're the same people 5 yrs appart. The same white middle-class dudes brought in on pop-culture who were illiminated by menswear during university or right after and now roll their pants for that disarmingly casual and fun take on timeless classics.
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has anybody seen showroom pics of dries ss2013?
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TBS uploaded pics on their blog some days ago.
Overall great stuff, as expected.
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So I just learned today that the S2A blazer that I got a bit ago can't be altered because the button holes are too close to the cuff of the sleeve. The sleeves, being too long, need to be shortened. If I wanted to get the sleeves shortened, it would require either shortening at the shoulder (about $100, just more than a third of what the jacket actually cost), or having to deal with some unsightly torn-up fabric.

I could probably just get the body and everything else taken care of, but the sleeves would still be kind of long. Has anyone else dealt with this before? I really don't want to sell the jacket because it's really cool (returning it might not be an option, and sizing down wouldn't work), but I don't think I could wear it as is...

Thoughts? shog[1].gif
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how long are they?
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seriously tempted to start a parody streetstyle blog at hopkins. some of the shit i see needs to be documented.
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^^ Can't recall off the top of my head, and the jacket is still with Gary (Drinkwater) so I can't really snap a pic right now.

He said he wanted to bring it in almost 2 inches... so yeah...
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Hmm. Well if the sleeves fall at base of your thumb, you could prob get away with it, especially if worn casually. Things get trickier if they fall past that. It demands more balls on your part.

Parker posted a waywt recently where he wore a jacket whose sleeves crept almost to his fingertips. But he's Parker, so it worked.

So the question is-- can you be Parker?
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I know some of you liked the last article I posted so here is Pt 2 of All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

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This one?

I don't believe they're that long, but I'll just have to take a look once I get the jacket back.
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