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Originally Posted by theom- View Post

Moving to NYC on Wednesday... very scared, very excited.

Good luck. I'm moving to a new place this coming weekend / early next week. It's so nice to be able to get into an apartment early - for once I can take my time moving and not have to squeeze it all into one day. Also, helps to be moving within the neighborhood you already live in, and not halfway across the city or to an entirely different city/state.
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Doooon't do thick as thieves. I managed to fine-tune my measurements so my orders turned out OK, but after seeing so many other folks' results, I consider myself lucky. Instead, here's what you should do:
-- if your chest size is an even number and your drop is within one inch of six, you can order most RTW suits online without problems. I like CKC, since Gilt and Yoox always seem to have it for cheap (TBH, though, I've only bought a blazer from them).
-- If you're like me and are cursed with both a chest size that's in between sizes and a drop that's not six, it gets harder to order RTW stuff online. You're better off shopping for separates in a brick n' mortar store. I like Rag & Bone's Danbury stuff at Barneys, which totals at a bit less than a grand. Or Shipley & Halmos if you're not super picky about quality.

+1, never ordered from TAT before, and I like the idea of it being a sorta forum thing with MTM, but the results often don't look that good ( sleeve pitch, too much waist suppression etc etc) and need lots of tailoring after anyway.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I actually like my suits from J crew and then tailored a bit for the length of the pants.

Rag and Bone makes a good suit ( high armholes, slim fit ) as well (and also makes stuff with martin greenfield fwiw).

I am also a fan of CKC since they use pretty interesting fabrics and are generally slim fit.

Club Monaco suits are pretty cheap as well too but their pants would need a bit of tapering to have a more modern fit.

Not sure how much a plain Dries suit is but the fit is pretty on point ( for some one who is a perfect BoO S ).

Marc Jacobs is honestly not bad either, their rtw fits well although I've never purchased anything since it's pretty $$ for the quality. Could be good on sale though.

still loving my +J stuff, uniqlo stuff is nice , basic if anything, but honestly when you get a chance at other well fitting suits, you can't really turn back....

tl;dr Rag and bone, CKC ( nice fabric) , Jcrew, Club Monaco, Marc Jacobs, +J ( if you can find it)

imo, MTM is fairly overrated unless you're willing to drop good money.
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Originally Posted by theom- View Post

Moving to NYC on Wednesday... very scared, very excited.

Where are you moving to?
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

You can drop by Uniqlo and find something quite decent for like $250, if the fit is right no one will care it lacks pick stitching.

+ 100

Some might even like it that way:-)
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Good advice on the suits guy, much appreciated. I'll probably just go the Uniqlo/+J route (or something else similarly priced). I bet I'll wind up caring more about the quality of the shoes than that of the suit.
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Does Gilt still run good suit sales? I stopped following Gilt after their buys seemed to get progressively worse, but a couple years ago I picked up a CKC suit that feels fantastic and is cut well.
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

bless X Stephan Schneider?

It is so massively disappointing that it is cotton. I'm just going to start buying tapestries and draping myself in those.
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But I thought SS was suppose to have to the best of every material

So, it is cotton, but it is some pretty damn fine cotton
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false dude. cotton is cotton.
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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

false dude. cotton is cotton.

god you can't be serious
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i should throw out all my baller cotton knits...apparently all cottons are the same
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cotton can be anything depending on its weave - see seersucker and corduroy.

I still prefer warm things to be wool. I discriminate like that.
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My nicest knit is cotton, feels so silky you'd never know it was cotton it's ridic. There is just as much variation with cotton as there is with wool.

But yes disappointing that stole is cotton still, might be a typo though and possibly it is in fact wool.
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Cotton can be really cool but still if I was going to spend $540 on something I'd feel ripped off if it were cotton..

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Not me, but schneider cotton ain't that great.
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