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There is a dedicated thread
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since when is this:

and this

goth ninja?

I think they are just labeling all high fashunz goth ninja....
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fwiw, the guy behind FYMW is really an Italianate fashion guy, so his funniest posts and expertise are in that area. I'm not sure if he has much background he has in designer.
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

RFT: I spreadsheeted the hell out of my 2012 purchases and discovered more than half of my spending has been outerwear and shoes.
Spoiler: Breakdown! (Click to show)
Shoes: 32%
Outerwear: 20%
Knits: 14%
Shirts/polos/Ts: 6%
Suits/jackets: 6%
Pants: 6%
Jeans: 5%
Underwear: 5%
Shorts: 3%
Ties: 3%
Accessories: 1%
Gifts: 1%
* Obviously this doesn't give a picture of my wardrobe in general since I had plenty of clothes to begin with; this is just, rather arbitrarily, my recent acquisitions of the last seven months or so.
I guess that's neither surprising nor provocative, but I did discover a couple of interesting things, since I knew all the amounts I paid and had a pretty good idea about most of the retail prices. Overall I've paid roughly 45% of estimated Canadian MSRP on my clothes purchases so far in 2012; a number of things were at full retail, but my best deals were 96% off a cashmere & silk hoodie, 92% off a BNWT YSL sportcoat, and 90% off a jacket fully lined in fur (those three were all eBay scores, for the record), which helped bring the average down a bunch.
All that said, on further reflection my most satisfying purchases were items I had to splurge a bit more on. I'm uncertain whether the first part is a function of the second part or it just so happened that the things I wanted most were not handed to me on a platter of affordability. But in the end, I've bought a bunch of stuff I really love this year and only regret a few purchases which were thankfully smaller ones in the grand scheme of things.

Always a good idea to splurge on outerwear and footwear. They always seem like the first things to sell out in my size so I don't like to sleep on them. I think I've bought maybe a total of 5-6 pieces of clothing this year. Mostly because I really don't need more clothes and combined with my general lack of interest in fashunz during the warmer months.
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

they know i eat
at benihana's twice a week
-two chainz back when he was tity boi icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Snow, you talkin' that Pidgeon talk with Trill and Irvwi?
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Frank Leder fw stuff in at South Willard.
Never checked the brand before. Was quite impressed by some items. Some very nice looking hidden placket shirts in wool and a cardigan.
Looked like it was cut on the boxy side though. Anyone can confirm that?

It is indeed nice, I'll check it out soon. Not as boxy and cropped as before, sizes are bigger for us dudes now shah knows not of what he speaks.
Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Definitely, google image him.  It's very 1920/30's Germany.  Cool stuff but you have to commit or have a zissou/mail-moth type wardrobe already.

Umm no you need to get out of that box. I will be copping a few pieces and successfully integrating them.
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I can't decide between GATs and CPs, saw gum sole achilles today and figure thats the best of both worlds. Anyone know where to cop?

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first cop time machine
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meant *was* still boxy I've no clue about this season quit hating jet foo.gif Although some of the looks on website are still nice and roomy.

Agreed that Leder is quite versatile though, I can think of plenty of different aesthetics to mix them with. Some of the fabrics are looking fanastic like always drool.gif am tempted to get cardigans but probably will just stick to trousers if I get a chance
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Was just reading the Leder interview in "The New Order." This fall's collection theme is the emigration from Galicia. He found a bunch of old train tickets and what not and sewed them into the jackets, like how people sewed money into clothes for safekeeping.
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Originally Posted by Danzar View Post

I love that they used this photo as the basis for Goth Ninja;
Mass shot by Sideny Low from SuFu

Little scary :D

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what is this and where can i buy it?!?

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Looked up "leder clothing" on google...




first link, "Leder Deluxe".

forgot that leder is leather in German

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Originally Posted by ihrm View Post

I can't decide between GATs and CPs, saw gum sole achilles today and figure thats the best of both worlds. Anyone know where to cop?

Originally Posted by jet View Post

first cop time machine

Yeah, I thought the same thing about a year ago and then realize that gum sole achilles are gone. Which is too bad, they looked great and they should make them a regular part of their offerings.
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For a plebe version, they make Nike Koston's in white with gum soles

That white on the bottom is kinda ugly, though when I saw them IRL It wasn't really noticeable.

Haven't seen them worn so I don't know if it's visible when actually on feet.
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