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yeah im mainly talking about baller shoes like with spikes, crazy patterns, stuff that purposefully looks like it cost a fortune. to the naked eye a pair of rafs/cp's dont look much different than a pair of vans or chucks. even the kva/rowens stuff is pretty subtle at a glance. 

as far as luxe clothing in general, i would go get coffee in hermes sweatpants if i could. i'm actually working on filling my warddrobe with only luxe pieces because i wont wear the cheaper stuff and itll just end up being a waste of money. 

KVA crazy laces do stand out.

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newsflash a lot of the designer clothing people on sf spend a lot of money on do stick out and do look like they cost a lot of money. if they didn't look better than average clothes, what would be the fucking point in wearing them. if you don't want to "stand out" you probably shouldn't be wearing kva, rick, etc. etc. etc. and if you do buy some crazy baller sneakers and don't wear them to the post office in the morning or too the corner store to grab milk because you don't want to "stand out" you're a fucking idiot.
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i'd just like to add that my original post was about me not wanting to skate and thrash up baller shoes unnecessarily, and that vans/chucks are a more sensible option. i also mentioned kva/raf/rick are exempted and was specifically talking about flashy shoes like louboutins, balenciaga, etc. 

lastly, everyones entitled to their own opinion. there's enough negativity in the world, no need to bash peoples aesthetic choices/decisions/opinions, especially regarding fashion. 

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New SF is all about acting hard while pining over mens fashion
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Kent that guy looks like you that's why you gravitated towards that fit.

You guys are like 6 years behind I've always bought cool shit with no regard to how I would put it together so eventually I ended up with a lot of shit that went together lulz.
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jet you're streets ahead

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I'm just sayin mayne.

I've been preaching all kinds of shit for years trying to pass on the info that I learned from others and picked up along the way then the forum pendulum swings in that direction two years later, always.
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Originally Posted by thisisblex View Post

sleek non baller kicks like vans or low chucks are subtle and blend in with everything. I go skating every day to get my morning coffee or do local errands around town. would be stupid to do that in a pair of baller kicks (unless they're cp or something i dont think its too big of a deal). not only would i unnecessarily mess them up, but going to get your morning coffee everyday in a pair of baller shoes just looks kind of lame if you're not a celebrity expecting to get photographed. but if you're going to go out at night, whether to clubs, bars, or any events.. yeah.. bring your a-game footwear. 

Absolutely, when I've tried my Balenciagas on they look great, but sometimes seem a little much for just going into town, to see a flim and so on. Plus, it's the summer and the weather in the UK hasn't been that bad recently, so canvas sneakers seem a more obvious choice.

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When it is summer, I go into Uniqlo t-shirt mode. Fall is right around the corner smile.gif
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This thread has been idle for a while so I'll post this:
Digging thru papa snows closet and I found this dope wool gab blazer, reminiscent of margiela. Boxy shoulders and low button stance (1button!)
This thing is from the 80s. I'll snap a few pics later on and post it up satisfied.gif
Too big for me unfortunately but the pants fit. And I was looking for a nice wool gab pant in navy.
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So I need a suit pretty soon (I'm a student and haven't really needed one). I'd obviously prefer not to spend much money but would like something I can wear for again in the future. Yoox comes to mind but I wouldn't know specific brands to look for. I don't have access to Uniqlo either. I would ask in MC but I feel like that might be getting a bit more into it than I'd like. Any recommendations?
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Can you not order from Suddenlee and get it tailored? Might also try hunting on eBay for a +J suit - those were well regarded

Edit: If anyone has a +J charcoal in XS they're looking to get rid of...

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Calvin Klein collection comes to mind.
I would get one myself if I needed it but I prefer single vents over double

Thick as thieves forum affiliate is another option

Both should run sub 550
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you have piqued my interest, I'm listening

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