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There are a handful of models of GATs that look nice. The rest are trash. This applies to all baller sneakers really.
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can we just say "designer sneakers" please?
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

leather lining is the one feature that makes premium sneaks worth it
take that, heel. you won't be tearing this lining apart, no matter how hard you try

which is why margiela gats suck.
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

leather lining is the one feature that makes premium sneaks worth it

God, this a million times. I didn't realize it was so ridiculously hard to come by. Just destroyed yet another pair of vans and I'm feeling like an idiot for not owning any decent low tops.
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my nike frees and authentics are the most comfortable shoes I own (0)
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wtf is this shit LOL
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is your form good, with your body like a dead weight, or are you swinging your body like crazy so the momentum is sending you up? i see lots of guys throwing themselves around feeling all good that they're doing a lot of reps but they're not doing the work.

zero swinging, 4x25 every night i go
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i'm so glad i didn't buy a pair of burgundy and brown lanvin high-tops jesus christ
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New Balance are pretty comfortable. 

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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

I don't buy the comfort thing. Better construction and superior materials ? Sure. Durability ? Maybe. But any pair of adidas, nike, vans etc will be as comfortable as GATs or whatever.
Nothing against them in principle, but it's tiring to see people blowing loads of cash on awful looking shit that ends up producing contrived-looking waywts.
Lanvins are the worst.
Different strokes...

I see where you're coming from and i'm definitely guilty of throwing money on some hideous shoes that ive worn once and felt stupid for buying (lanvin is in that list), however lanvin and balenciaga are the only brands that i've personally encountered that have really treated my feet very well. my feet are pretty wide. sure i can wear cp's and rafs, but they are not comfortable and the sizing is awkward as i'm somewhere in between. leather inside most of the high end sneakers ive gotten is pretty miniscule and some are certainly not worthy of the price tag, but i dont think this is the case at all with lanvin, at least in my own personal opinion. regardless, its an unnecessary luxury, but one that I put at the top of my list along with food and home/furnishings. 

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Givenchy couldn't be bothered to put an opening front on their leather this season so instead glued some wool stars to the neck area and called it a day.

But it will still set you back $6400 because Tisci threw some zippers on the sides.

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But it must be cool cause Kanye wears them. Gotta kop more stars and stripes and great white sharks for f/w.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Thanks. I fucking hate the whole idea of crossfit for the following reasons:
1. my ex wife loves it
2. it's all she fucking talks about
3. the one time I witnessed it in person, the word 'Nazis' immediately came to mind
4. group workouts with some gym rat shouting at me seem like they would be the worst experiences of my life
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OH my lord that brown leather sweather with the black stars looks horrible

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Still waiting with bated breath for the Zubaz x Damir Doma collaboration.
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I like sharks
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Comfort is probably all dependent. Perhaps I should say that I sized my MMM the best relative to all my other footwear. Actually just received some new shoes and they are .5 too big. Oh well.

I don't find Lanvin et al very attractive as a shoe and most of the crazier designs.

I actually heard about Lanvin 2+ years ago for my first time and was intrigued. Found out that my friend who returned from Paris trip had his uncle pickup a pair for each of the siblings and said friend.
Friend has huge feet so FWIW the Lanvin sneakers looked very bulky. I took one look at them, got excited and was 'Oh shit' Lanvins! and then did not give much more thoughts afterwards. I understood then that the shoe was definitely a "luxury" as friends uncle worked in NY (Some financial services gig) and said pretty much everyone in NY wears Lanvin.

So to that sure they fit the "Baller Sneakers" profile, but they still looked quite average overall. I did not like the sole. Very bulky.

Picked them up though and they are indeed nicely made and have a heavy hand. A well balanced sneaker.
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