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yeah, i can't even get mtm toj jackets to not do it. just kind of learned to live with it.
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sounds like the chest is too small. does the jacket you posted in 'should I?' do it?
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it's a different issue, even things that are too big in the chest can do it. and no, weirdly rick doesn't seem to.
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sounds like armscye is off???
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yeah i guess that's it, just seems to happen really frequently. maybe i'm oddly shaped.
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Just a thought, but couldn't it be a case off your shoulders rolling forward? That would cause the back to be pulling and the front ( chest) of the jacket hanging loosely.
Skinny guys usually have this issue. Could be bad posture or weak shoulder muscles. I used to a victim of this.
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My shoulders (and therefore arm) are always ahead of the shoulder seam on jackets and it bothers me on some of them, mainly those that are borderline too small to begin with.  I don't think I have bad posture (my mother may disagree).  I think the purpose is to give an illusion of perfectly straight and square shoulders, which makes the person look more masculine or whatever and causes women to throw themselves at him. 

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^ equal trade off I suppose
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not sure if this is what you're talking about, but I find a lot of jackets will get a weird wrinkle near the collarbone, sometimes only one side. usually happens more on unstructured jackets without some internal padding to hold up the fabric. patterns are cut for a specific model mannequin, so obv. will fit each imperfect person differently. i can usually pull my shoulders back to get rid of it, but it's kind of annyoing. and I'll return something if it's too prominent.

I suppose if the armscye does not line up with your own shoulder then something similar could happen, too.
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is it just me or has ebay become virtually useless for selling nice items, unless you want to sell them for 10% of their retail value? only dick dunks and dick leathers, and a handful of other things, seem to be fetching a decent price.
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Yeah, I couldn't get rid of helmut Lang inside out denim for 65 buck BIN (couldn't sell them here either redface.gif)
Sold 3 Burberry tees for 65+ each lol!
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i wanted that helmut lang but then i would have three pairs of white denim foo.gif
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white denim > raw denim

70s wash > white denim
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

does anyone else ever get the feeling that jacket armholes are cut too far backwards (if you were looking from the side)? results in tight armpits, center back seams that you could split open, and too much material in the front. maybe I should make a diagram.


Schneider jackets seem to be cut like this. It's incredibly frustrating.
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So...anyone use SharpService as their proxy service? I have a few items I had them bid on and I hadn't heard anything back from their email address seems to be shut down, as well as their website...not terribly encouraging frown.gif
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