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the off-runway raf pieces are pretty cool
but i hate these large pointed collars he uses for the shirts
and the rafstros and velcros are back icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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mrs.steveoffice: you are not a child, you shouldn't be buying $1000 sneakers plain.gif

steveoffice: what kind of child buys $1000 sneakers?!?!?!?

rick dunks sale impending T.T
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I'd kill for one of those yohji anime jumpers. The Raf ones are just ugly and awkward.
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

This "SF Approved" thing is kind of ridiculous now that so many aesthetics are welcome on SF.
How can you think that after SF killed your 'Crazy Aunt' aesthetic?

Forgot the (8)
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Dont kill for sweaters
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Who was that blanket-fringe shirt by a while ago?

Just noticed this on Yoox (made by CNC Costume National)

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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

Dont kill for sweaters

Got outbid on the one that was on Ebay recently. Sad.
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

hmmm...which of these outfits would you rather wear?

I think Yohji wins this round. I get what you're saying about the Brian Calvin images on the clothes, but it's still not a choice I really like. The anime sweaters are kinda fun (it's still not something I'd buy though). Those twin girls on that sweater really do look very sad to me. Maybe it's just personal preference.

I own that exact Yohji sweater.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Curious how you guys dress up everyday and put together a great outfit.
Do you think it is really the wardrobe as in being well-rounded and accumulating many great clothing over the years. So, when you wake up in the morning its just a matter of "blindly" pulling a top, bottom, and footwear choice that will all automatically work coherently together?
Or do you take the time to open your wardrobe door and look at the different clothes you have then arrange the outfit in your head before pulling out the top, bottom, and footwear.
For me I feel like I fall under the former (it is all relative: do you think you have a great selection? do you like what you have?) But what happens is that I still question myself after walking out the house. "I have another pair of trousers, why did I pull these ones?"
I feel like the ease and not having to think about it is more in line with the first way of thinking rather than the latter. The more clothes you accumulate overtime the more ease you have in assembling something quickly without thinking afterwards "What the hell was I thinking wearing 'X' with 'Y'?"
Of course it probably becomes a learned behavior with the many years of shopping that 1) You have fine tuned your taste and know what works and 2) Your years of experience is weighted more than the actual amount of clothing
So, in the end it is really the person who wears the clothes rather than the clothes wearing the person. Which then brings me to my next point of being lazy vs. caring too much. When do you realize and get to the point where you do not over think?
It sort of relates to Synthese and his always eloquent and poetic posts where I find a relation to how he dresses. The dude cares but does not over think or analyze. It is quite apparent in his writing as well as "WAYWT" posts.

Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

I tend to have a number of outfits which I come back to over and over again once I realize they work. Buying a new piece generally helps add 2 or 3 new outfits to my "arsenal," and at this point in my wardrobe creation process, it's not worth purchasing an item if I can't automatically think of 3 or 4 different fits with it. Furthermore, by browsing sf/sufu/tumblr, I tend to get inspiration for how to combine some stuff I own into a new outfit. Sometimes it works and it gets added to my mental arsenal.

Exactly this.

If, like me, you own a few things in somewhat weird colours, there are often larger divides in that certain items pretty much only get worn together - this is the point at which you aquire stuff which enables more cohesiveness across the board.

x top can be worn with y jeans and z shoes.
a top can be worn with b jeans and c shoes.
2 outfits.
Problem is, although x goes with c, c shoes don't work with y jeans, and x top doesn't work with b jeans. This is where aquiring a pair of jeans that work with c shoes as well as x top can be a useful procedure that can exponentially increase your variance and mileage of your fits.

Some examples of these types of pieces, IME (doesn't necessarily apply to you):
Gray jeans
plain toe derbies (black or brown)
light blue or gray oxford shirts
also mid-formality scale fabrics - corduroy trousers in winter, for example, are more versatile than denim.
Cotton harringtons in spring help to ground fits that would otherwise lack cohesion. etc etc.
Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

I own that exact Yohji sweater.

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had it saved, sup fuuma
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What's the text? "GIRL"?
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oh my fuuma looks awkward.
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Looks real good to me.

Aren't you looking for some slim fit washed denim, Fuuma? You can give me that sweater and i'll give you a pair of spurrs. Too slim for me. Size 30, worn once.




You can throw in the Vass too, I believe we're the same size.

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