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Is Nike an SF approved brand?
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This "SF Approved" thing is kind of ridiculous now that so many aesthetics are welcome on SF.
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Toasty, I think you should stop focusing on the perfect wardrobe and buy things you like, otherwise you'll end up with 10 pairs of boring black shoes... cohesiveness is overrated


shah goddamnit stop commenting using the thumbs up!

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

The more clothes you accumulate overtime the more ease you have in assembling something quickly without thinking afterwards "What the hell was I thinking wearing 'X' with 'Y'?"

I disagree. More choices are helpful only if you know how to style your outfit, otherwise it just gives you more options to dress yourself poorly.
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I think when you say cohesiveness is overrated you are referring to the actual thought or process of thinking, which I agree with. It should not require much thinking as I mentioned early with the right experience/attitude and selection.

Still my question of how do you wear something that is cohesive and works well together regardless of branding, which some members have already given some good feedback on.

Perfection is relative especially in your own wardrobe.

To share a bit of my shopping habit, currently I am filling in gaps in terms of color palette and material i.e. mixing it with more wool and linen and some more earthly colors rather than the black, white, and gray monochrome effect.
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I disagree. More choices are helpful only if you know how to style your outfit, otherwise it just gives you more options to dress yourself poorly.

This is a good point that I left out, which is why we have some people like myself who are constantly growing and minimizing our current wardrobe. Another example is currently I have 9 footwear: 3 boots, 2 sneakers, 4 shoes. I would like to keep it at most 10 and no more. I am already finding myself still having some shoes new in their box sitting there. Not because I am not sure how to wear them, but overtime you also find that you just favor 1 pair of footwear more than the other for whatever reason.

Understanding that the opposite can happen, I will go back to my point as mentioned that overtime in accumulating clothes you will find a direction of dress. The experience coupled with that should allow you a greater option for the better rather than the worse (Let us be more hopeful).
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"The Loose Look."
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I really like a lot of Damir, like the look pictured here, but there's a ton of stuff I just don't get. Feel like he's got a lot of good ideas, but the taste level isn't always there, in my (inexpert) opinion. Hoping that changes as he matures.

Just found out that a shop I like will probably carry Issey Miyake men's next spring. That will be interesting to check out.
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"It starts with a T-shirt like shirt (sic). And yet it's not a T-shirt. More like a shirt in the process of becoming a shirt, still freed from its collar. [...] You realize that DAMIR DOMA has understood the shirt's specific codes."

Whoever wrote that can eat a heaping bowl of shite.
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The first chunk of that Damir write-up reads like a piece of satire you'd find all over Tumblr. "It's a t-shirt, but it's not really a t-shirt. More like a shirt, but like a t-shirt in some ways, but still not."

edit: Coke to GT
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raf ss13

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Wearing Damir Doma is like putting on a Chanel ensemble - it's all or nothing.

Yeah thats the beauty and problem with some aesthetics, hard for someone who is just trying to experiment with different aesthetics. You have to really make sure you like that aesthetic and that honestly, it is appropriate for the situations you're going to find yourself in. You really can't be rocking yohji and Damir if you work 9 to 5 blue collar jobs, not with their original intent anyway. Maybe two large wardrobes.

Honestly I want to wear more cool shit, but I always end up looking best in a dress shirt and a blazer ( kind of Americana? But more like bastardized m/c) lol Imaybe i have no swag
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that is one of the saddest, weirdest sweaters I've ever seen

it's sometimes hilarious when stylists and designers who are really good at their jobs write about fashion. even if they know what they're talking about, putting it into words is a whole other set of skills
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They never took their university writing classes seriously, that is the problem.
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

that is one of the saddest, weirdest sweaters I've ever seen

whatcha know about art and fashuns mwink[1].gif

haha but they are weird (but i kind of like it?), reminds me of yohji anime knits.

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hmmm...which of these outfits would you rather wear?

I think Yohji wins this round. I get what you're saying about the Brian Calvin images on the clothes, but it's still not a choice I really like. The anime sweaters are kinda fun (it's still not something I'd buy though). Those twin girls on that sweater really do look very sad to me. Maybe it's just personal preference.
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I am very into That Dumb Sweater.

As for the wardrobe discussion, it seems like everyone is overthinking it. I've definitely been guilty of that, but now I just kind of buy shit that I like and it works itself out. I know it's going to be fine if I can imagine myself wearing it.

With the Raf / YY comparison, I prefer the YY in the pic, but I can't imagine wearing it. I would wear the Raf, though.
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