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I'm sure you've already checked Yoox. Nothing there? I thought I saw a few things recently that kinda resembled what you're going for.
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Ok I've been recently trying to get away from the prep/trad/americana style spectrum and move towards a more Japanese streetwear aesthetic, but I would wear the shit outta this TB tweed varsity:

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There was a TOJ varsity on B&S that just got snagged...
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Short piece about LN-CC co-founder John Skelton:
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natural fibers bringing nice feelings to fashion Men

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Originally Posted by max_r View Post

i'm sure he'll be happy that we're all so concerned about him. or maybe creeped out

Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

he didn't have to be in the theater to be affected by it.
i think he'd be glad people were concerned, regardless. i would be. even if it were just dorks on the internet.

Truly, it's touching, and thanks to everyone for the concern. Happily, I'm in the Northeast for the moment, and am fine, overindulgence notwithstanding.

Artishard posted the unfortunate truth. Colorado is a big state, but I'm sure everybody who has family and friends there had their heart in their throat until they finished reading the lists. For myself - and, I assume, for others who have experienced loss (and maybe those who haven't) - there's always a lingering fear that something horrible has happened somewhere, to someone you love, whenever you read about anything like this. Or, for those of us who are perhaps less well-adjusted, whenever the phone rings or your girlfriend is late for dinner. I spent a couple of days a few weeks ago watching a fire trying to creep its way over the flatirons and into my girlfriend's (adjacent) backyard while weed-whacking and watering-down the open space behind her house while she prepared for whatever it is "pre-evacuation" means, and a couple of weeks surrounding that period checking the Boulder OEM website for fire-related news, since there were new ones every day. It hasn't been the most restful summer in our history, and a part of me is going to be amazed if I make it back to Colorado and my house is still standing.

A lot of people I know have the Columbine "Respect Life" license plate, and I think that, woefully, any kind of "shooting" resonates with many Coloradans. This isn't the best soap-box to stand on, but anyone, if you're out there and read styleforum's Random Fashion Thoughts: I am mourning with you.

I was going to feel bad about the next thing I am going to do, which is post beautiful photos of Maine and New Hampshire, since it seemed sort of crass and tasteless. But, I also happen to believe that there is perhaps nothing more important than beauty, particularly in the face of tragedy, and so I'm going to post them anyway to show how great it can be to be alive.

I hope that the rest of you out there are having a safe and happy summer, full of fine jawnz and fine wine and fine food and fine women and fine men and finer friends, and are living and making and doing and are being happy just being.

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can't tell which is better the words or the pictures
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Synth is da bes
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This niqqa sailin the seven seas.

You forgot to include fine cigars, my friend.
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I love Maine, one of the few places I really miss in USA.
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I read it again. Brought tears to my eyes
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man, i miss new england.
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I ordered an item from Aloha Rag's sale. They just sent me an email saying that the item is in their NYC store, so they're going to ship it to their Honolulu store and then ship it to me. I'm in PA. ...wut
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sexonfabric if you were here i'd blow the fucking smoke in your face
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