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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Solid recommendations; thank you.
Where is this supposedly heavily discounted section peepwall[1].gif

What beds to my stylish brethren sleep on? Will probably just hit up Costco.
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I don't know if I'm stylish, but I have a Tempur-Pedic "Cloud Supreme" queen to sleep on. Comfy as shit. I'm on the prowl for some good sheets too... Right now I have RL (green label frown.gif ) oxford sheets.
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i roll with target sheets, fuck all y'all.
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

What beds to my stylish brethren sleep on? Will probably just hit up Costco.

Im thinking about purchasing a MySide Mattress. checked them out today and man are they comfortable. Now I just need the sheets and a nice bed frame. Got a new apartment I just moved into; trying to not have a single Ikea piece.
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Bows' post inspired me to check Yoox to see if they carry bedsheets. They do.
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

What beds to my stylish brethren sleep on? Will probably just hit up Costco.

best bet is to skip costco and go to a bedding specialist (not a mall store). 

you'll want to really take some time and feel out any and all beds, ask an SA that seems knowledgable for advice on materials etc. 

with beds, you really do get what you pay for, although the unfortunate reality is that 99% of mattresses are marked up 80-120% over what they should be. 


another thing you could try out is to check out something similar to 


Tempurpedics are great, but not everyone will sleep comfortably on one. ymmv as always. 

I recently spent a good amount on a new mattress, but i bought the frame and slats at ikea which render the mattress nearly useless (slats are terrible, sliding all over the place, bed not in place). a lot of factors involved. 


in any case i normally tend to sleep the best on a nice comfy couch or a flat hardwood floor lol

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Hastens: ballinest beds
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bed frames are for pussies.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Hastens: ballinest beds

Nah, some companies make mattresses at three times the price of Hastens but who cares!

Fuuma's guide to buying a mattress:

- This shit is a big scam and companies change the names of he models so you can't price shop. In the end just go up to the comfort (or conspicuous consumption in stealth wealth mode with those €30,000 ones) level you want. If Simons's whatever black ninja is it, don't fret over the choice and don't go one level up. This shit is about as scientific as phrenology anyway.

-A mattress is only timeless (read very long lasting) for people who have timeless wardrobes and are 85. You will spill alcohol, ash and bodily fluids (hopefully not just yours) on this disgusting thing and some crazy broad will play trampoline and bust everything up. No need to go for the stars as you'll replace it sooner than you think.

-Get some normal coil thing not some latex fetish gear. I mean if you love it have fun but consider the "proven" solution first.

-Always choose the cheaper model of a certain level because other models have added padding on top of the mattress and this shit breaks down in 2 yrs and you have to throw it away cause it is stitched to the main thing. If you need softer just get a separate top whateverthing, it is exactly the same and looks the same but you can throw it away when it is finished and keep the mattress.

- Prices mean nothing, one day something is discounted, the other day it's the beds on the other side. Just go two different days an you'll see. Only buy when this stuff is discounted because if it isn't today it is probably tomorrow. This doesn't apply to über-specialized stores (like Hastens) but, once again, this stuff is worthless unless you are like really into luxury mattresses and post on mattressforum.

My mattress has some bobo-hippie-granola thing like organic bamboo inside and some other shit, I don't even remember who made it and it's not really more comfortable but I bet I am all validated as a consumer-being because of it. Don't be like me, this is moronic.
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Fuuma's guide to buying a mattress part II:

-If you're an American or eat like one (we're all Americans in one way or another) and you complain your back hurts and think a luxury mattress will solve your problem well, fuck you fatso, just stop eating so many burgers, your back hurts because you're a fat tub of lard. No mattress will fix that, in fact you probably need something stiffer like a concrete floor or maybe a Japanese futon bed if you're not hardcore.

-If you're some 7'2" dude named Thorsten and are totally proud of your luxury-mattress wanker culture well fuck you! You need this shit because you're a gigantic barbarian invader, how is your skull collection doing? You Scandinavians are such raging alcoholics anyway, half the time you don't even make it to the bed, why do you guys care so much? You're like the Swiss of the North, the Italians had Botticelli, the french Soulages, the Greeks invented western philosophy (the only kind that matters), the americans triple penetration and so on for all the other ok people and all you have is your lame little luxury beds and annoying wooden furniture that all NYC lamers love to buy at second-hand stores that actually ask for a hand as payment.

-A final word on luxury bedsheets and thread count. Don't be a fucking moron, you wear clothes that aren't as soft as top Frette all day, everyday with no ill effect. You want some sheets, buy something decent and wash them a few times. If your little nipples get all irritated then maybe it is time for $1500 sheets, most of us non untermensch won't even feel the difference because we stopped taking baths with our mothers and faced the big bad world. You probably take pictures of your food at Michelin starred restaurants and describe yourself as a coffee-snob. Die. If you want luxury bedsheets anyway just read a little bit about them and go to ebay, there are like 3-5 companies that do good stuff and you'll pay maybe 25-50% of the sales price for new ones. Oh and buy white sheets, no one cares you got a great deal on these purple one, you look like a pedophile with your ridiculous bedsheets.
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A+ fuuma posts
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Haha, indeed. All I fucking want is an old-skool firm as fuck mattress. They're impossible to find these days, though. Everything has twelve inches of foam on top. I never had back problems until I started sleeping on a Luxury Pillow Top Mattress.
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My RL golden bed topper sheet is so damn soft, smooth and comfy during hot summer days. Super light too (not sure what is the exact name for the bed accessory, bed sheet?)

It is unbelievably soft and smooth when it runs against my skin. Imagine the smoothest and softest long legged chick you've put your hands on, this is how the sheet feels.

I think it cost me somewhere like $25 at JcPenny, Macy's, or something

It was awesome when I still had the bed cover too and slept nude with my ex . . . uhoh.gif

I guess the right way to describe it is that was breathable and did not retain heat during hot days so when you got into bed it felt unbelievable.
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