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So much Givenchy in that contest
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They´re not THAT tight   peepwall[1].gif


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haha. I think it's more he can't pull them up passed his ass.
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Let this put to bed any notion that Canadians (buying from the US) are especially demanding on shipping:

[eBay item for sale at $399]
Cant I buy it now at $200?? Thanks.
I am afraid I paid more than $300 for this and I am not willing to lose money on it. Shipping to Japan is also very expensive: http://i.imgur.com/VokMf.jpg.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Thanks for a response. Isnt it possible at $250 including shipping?? I want these sweater very much...

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It's dated today but SF entry is kind of behind the times; Quoddy and BoO?

I've never heard of two of these places. And based on their names I feel no regret.
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what's a quoddy
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Style Zeitgeist is your breeding ground for all things "goth ninja." With a heavy focus on a dark, drapey look, this forum focuses on obscure collections from labels like Carol Christian Proell, Rick Owens, Diet Butcher Slim Skin, and other avant-garde aestheticians

rick owens is so obscure

also when's the last time anyone talked about DBSS?
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^that last link jawnz.org has a WJAYWT, and has two members darkknight and sh0ebox maybe rysl tricky cez and the hilarious troll who bought replica leather jackets and washed the shit out of them

don't they used to post here, i always thought their fits were pretty good
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Think they're trying to add in some brands those stuffy old farts that get bespoke shirts made in paris wear.

That kid in the video need to taper them from the knee down.
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Zissou's (kinda) recent WAYWT (Click to show)


I would harpoon the Moby Dick out of that Ahab, if you know what I mean
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wtf is this zespy shit
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