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Effortless cruel for the man who has a strong personal Stalin and never follows the Fascism trends.
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Do you even own at least one home without a mortgage?
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how do the really cheap uniqlo tees fit/shrink?
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^^ they fit slightly big and they do not shrink.
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Is anyone else sick of seeing a close-up of synth's neck/chin every time they log onto SF?

No offense Synth, very sharply cut jaw line
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Logging in from main page ? very previous lvl
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Logging in? very previous lvl

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my bookmark goes directly to sw&d and i save my login details.

i love living in the future.
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That CDHagg quote gets me every time
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was gonna send these back since not sure i like the holes and they aren't as comfortable without socks (plus i hate wearing shoes without socks!)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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sup shah. cant answer pm's? ffffuuuu.gif
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Looks like your trip was a success, good to see thumbs-up.gif
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jesus christ
Look out world: Target has just announced the designer collaboration capsule to end all designer collaboration capsules. The fast-fashion retailer will be partnering with no less than 24 CFDA designers as well as high-end department store Neiman Marcus to create a doozy of a holiday collection that will be sold in both stores.
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Ohhhh! Oscar de la Renta! This is exciting news indeed.
So, basically, everyone you (we) ever aspired to own a piece of.

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