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it's from 2010 son, your link no worky btw
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Yoox sample sale, European selection. It's 59 euros.

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In LA from 6th - 8th August and SanFran from 18th-20th if anyone wants to hang out/burg/drink/shop.
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Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot View Post

This is a smart realization.
Turrible turrible idea mikey. That shit is YOLO foot tattoo territory. You just gotta buy clothes you honestly want to wear and then wear them, it doesn't matter if you skate or ride horses or your grandpa was a Cherokee prince or whatever. I don't know if you've ever taken a breather from sf but you might be surprised by what it does for your buying habits and aspirations. That sounds a lot more condescending than I mean it to.


the whole point of my post was looking outside of sf/the internet to influence your buying habits and aspirations...
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Is anybody here out in Cambridge/Boston?
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congrats homie
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eh, SF is like the internet in general. it's a great place to get information, but it shouldn't dictate how you live your life. (duh)

also: emulating what you see here is really no worse than emulating what you see in GQ, Details, or Esquire. in fact, I'd say there's a much greater variety of styles represented here, so you have a better chance of finding what works for you.
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Ideas on how to get these "marks" out of my shoe? They're nubuck leather if anybody has experience with that.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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1. Brush w/ plastic nubuck brush
2. Dab with cloth soaked in vinegar
3. Think about using a nubuck eraser
4. Embrace that ish because white nubuck just gets dirty so might as well accept it
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Originally Posted by snake View Post

Not what you were looking for, but here's a little write-up about GATs past/present.
Funny thing I see those pictures I took of my B01 on the internet really often.
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best dressed tight rope walker in the eastern sierras
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