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you guys should look into boxers made of seersucker, they're like $50 a pair though
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Is it me or good socks are not often discussed ? Is there any brand of (affordable) socks that don't retain heat so much and are sturdy ? Except during the Swedish winter, my feets are always too warm and I guess there is some sort of regulating device around here.
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i always thought the spandex or polyester in boxer briefs etc, is only used for the elastic waistband
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Originally Posted by noobizor View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I wish they made these in men's sizes in white/grey/beige and still can't believe they didn't.

Originally Posted by noobizor View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
We are the hollow sneaks
We are the stuffed sneaks
Leaning together
toe box filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried laces, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
Remember us—if at all—not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow sneaks
The stuffed sneaks.

What is that supposed to be? It reads like a suicidal poet tried to pick up where fuckyeahmenswear left off.

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i always thought the spandex or polyester in boxer briefs etc, is only used for the elastic waistband

They make t-shirts, sweaters and socks out of blends at every possible opportunity, and those things don't have elastics.
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new baroness streaming at npr mmmmmm
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Is it possible to Chelsea-fy or put side zips on a pair of ankle-length suede boots?
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Alright. I hate summer swamp ass. Who makes underwear that isn't made of cotton and polyester? Something that wicks moisture?
Wearing linen seems pointless if your underwear is cotton

You should check these out.
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Woo just found a new apartment
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Ya gotta let me crash at that one, too, bows.
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

I wish they made these in men's sizes in white/grey/beige and still can't believe they didn't...

If there was ever a shoe to be legitimately fucked-with, it might be these. I guess you could try painting them white or grey; it might even look cool when the paint begins to flake.

The poem is noobizor x T.S. Eliot's Hollow Men -- his least muddled, and most successful, IMHO.
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Why the fuck is it that every season there is a ~$1K+ jacket/coat that I would enjoy wearing, sitting there at 50+% off just shakin its ass in my face?

edit: nvm it sold out thank god.
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Tell me about it. There are TWO at LNcC right now that I will probably never see for cheaper but could still never afford.
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Originally Posted by pronxs View Post

fuck just had my worst selling experience here. over a TBS code i sold lol.
end of story: buyer fucking claiming through paypal that order does not go though even if code worked and thus i am responsible. like wtf and the code expired a week ago.
fucking buyer: Kaws N Effect
what a dick. fuck. he could have just PM-ed first instead of going through paypal. i have escalated the dispute to paypal claim. not gonna go down without a fight.

Still catching up on this thread, but buyers CANT win a SNAD case for intangible goods. As long as he didn't file a not received or you can prove that you attempted to give him a code, there's not shit he can do.
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Wife got staffed on a consulting project in the NYC. Will probably be making some ad hoc visits. Got a $25 GC to burn at Barneys. That should get me like a key chain, right?
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

So, a few questions for our distinguished (and not so distinguished) members.
Where is styleforum standing now and what part of the graph is trending? Do you think the curtains (blog posts) match the drape (meat of the forum, i.e. the taste of SWD and MC members)?
Is sufu out of its total slump into irrelevence? I need to check it out again.
What are your curent leanings/style changes?

I wanted to respond to this (in the TOJ thread), but then I thought that I should move it into the old "Where is your style going" thread. Then I waffled, and figured that since I had nothing tangible to say, I would, instead, keep it in here. It's seriously rambling, so be warned.

Over the last few weeks, the local landscape has been fairly inescapable, or unignorable (thanks, ting tings!). Fires, thunderstorms, hail, winds - the weather has been fairly apocalyptic as of late. Added to that is the fact that I've been dealing with a pair of architects for the last few weeks, and most of our discussion has centered around green design, organic architecture, and landscape integration. The end result, I guess, is that I've been feeling very western.

What I'd love to do is - well, it's not the "east meets west" thing, I know that. I don't want to blend hinduism with SoCal organics, or smoke pot out of a hookah. But there are images I love: a landscape that is incredibly familiar but somehow eternally alien, where you transition here between storm and sun and wind and rain and snow and fire like you wouldn't believe; it was 62 degrees and raining here this morning, and this afternoon it was 87 and hot hot sun. You can't really get used to that; Colorado keeps you guessing, and the earth here is harsh: cactus, scrub, dirt, rock, pine - interspersed with marsh, riparian wetland, mountain streams, the Rockies...I'm up in the Park a lot, and I'm always strucked by how majestically fucked you would feel if you were out there as a pioneer. Likewise, standing out on the plains in the middle of a thunderstorm is a terrifying experience. You can see lightning over the foothills, and everywhere you look it's either the exposed sandstone of the flatirons or the carved-out, eroded mesas of the cretaceous sea floor. Seriously, it's pretty cool - visitors never expect to find trilobites at the ranch trailhead.

I would love to find something that taps into that sense of exploration. I think that Damir, InAisce, and to an extent, M.A.+ all are searching for that - or, at least, they are all searching. Nicholas K also presented a beautifully "cowboyish" show for F/W 2011 (in my mind, at least), down to the hats. I like the idea that it's still worth searching for serenity - there are places out here where you can really go to be alone, in the mountains, on the plains, even on the side of the road on the bank of stream on a rainy day, when there are no cars. I don't know about you guys, but I get sick of having phone, internet, email, everything in my palm all the time. What I want to to do is sit. Sit and listen. I'm so tired, all the time. Two days ago, when it was pouring rain outside and all the creeks were flooding, I went outside and just sat in my car and listened to the rain.

Tension. Always tension. I want something that fits in between suburban technorasta-urbania, backwards cattle ranches, and the glaciers and moraines of the mountains. I have been thinking of too many things, too many directions, too many futures. Here are some pictures I took in my bedroom this afternoon. I want to be all of them.
I still haven't read it.
I remember visiting the temple of Dionysus, and taking a picture of an eroded marble column that had been swallowed by grass and neglect. That is an image I find eternally relevant. There is a feeling I have, sometimes, when I am reading a book or standing on a ledge, of watching all the old gods die. I love pillars. I love decay. Rather, I love permanence, but impermanence is beautiful and necessary. Immediacy is...unavoidable, and pleasurable in its own right. I have a kitschy golden skull candle, but I think it looks good on this pillar:
That pocketknife was my grandfather's. His parents were immigrants, and he ended up having to run the grocery store his father started to support his family. He ended up in the merchant marines in World War II, and he probably purchased this knife in the 1940's. The bird foot is a "lifecast" - the mold was taken from a catbird that no longer needed its foot.

Beauty exists with and without background data. Again, tension - meaning is inextricably linked to and eternally removed from context. Do I believe in singularity? Unequivocally. Do I believe in analogy? Wholeheartedly. I want to wear Demeulemeester fringe shirts with TOJ leathers and bargain-bin pants; I want to wear capes and shawls annd urban cowboy boots while watering the tomato plant on my porch. I want to be self consciously romantic; I want to make believe in flight pants and aviator jackets on the plains of the West. I want life to inspire. I want people to question. I want to look like I give a shit, because I do. I care about beauty. I care about art. I care about life.
I want random fashion thoughts to have more worth than what it's given. I wish there were more posts that weren't just ripples in the pond. We come here to post the random shit we think of, but rarely does it evolve for more than a response or two.

This is all stuff that's been posted before. But I'm feeling pretty good, and think it's worth bringing up again.
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