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guilty lol!
i like the post you nominated, good choice.
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Originally Posted by Master Milano View Post

Thanks for the read bows, in fact I am actually going to go to the store today to check out their stuff

NP thanks for reading! My roommate wrote it and my buddy shot it.
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Let's join hands and get APK that prize, people.

Also, after seeing Synth's post in that contentedness thread, he should know that I sold one of those Geller Seconds U-Necks in his size not long ago to his fellow statesmen smashwindow, in case he felt so inclined to track him down and rob him with the old finger-gun-in-the-ToJ-BBall-Jacket-pocket trick.
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

John Malkovitch has a clothing line. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I remember reading about Technobohemian. It used to be called Nicolo Ceschi Malkovich.
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Spent the past day walking around Hong Kong, must say I was not impressed
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Originally Posted by pronxs View Post

fuck just had my worst selling experience here. over a TBS code i sold lol.
end of story: buyer fucking claiming through paypal that order does not go though even if code worked and thus i am responsible. like wtf and the code expired a week ago.
fucking buyer: Kaws N Effect
what a dick. fuck. he could have just PM-ed first instead of going through paypal. i have escalated the dispute to paypal claim. not gonna go down without a fight.
Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Pretty lame to call someone out on a forum, especially after selling a free code that you weren't gonna even use

Bullshit. If somebody wants to put something up for sale, regardless of how it came into their possession (so long as it was legal), and somebody else wants to pay for it at an agreed upon price seem legit to me. As long as the seller sold the code in good faith (hadn't already used the code, wasn't selling an expired code, etc.) then whatever the purchaser chose to do with it is on the purchaser.

Further more, if the purchaser was unhappy with how the transaction turned out, for whatever reason, why didn't the purchaser just go back to the seller , explain the situation, and ask for their money back. I'm sure it wasn't a large sum and that given that the seller is a conscientious and understanding person, he would have gladly returned the money.
Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

Fucking wearing whale parts; I carry a whale on my back everywhere I go. I'm alpha as fuck.

While you may be alpha as fuck, as you eloquently described it, from your lack of posts in the Random Exercise Thoughts Thread, you clearly lack the strength to carry out such a Herculean feat.

Originally Posted by the shah View Post

all his stuff is just replicated design of what can be had at a fraction of the price in dubai with much higher quality fabrics for example he uses blended wools but you can get enough high grade virgin wool for the kandoora at 25% of what his garments cost. i really see nothing that differentiates it in terms of design or quality etc
also not surprising rick would select thamanyah stuff as he's given his full backing, michelle worked with abdelrahman too ...
* * *
so a day after being robbed, the police emailed me, they apprehend the fellow and searched his place. no bag or glasses or headphones or passport (which i replaced anyway) but my computer and chargers and cables were all in his place ! he even spent a good deal of time cleaning my laptop so it looks quite new and white lol how unlikely it must have been to recover this stuff !
now i have an excuse to buy new glasses and a non-filson bag biggrin.gif

Wow! Really glad that the whole thing turned out to be not so bad for you. Props to the cops.
Originally Posted by APK View Post

Speaking of criminals:
This guy bought something from me on eBay and never paid. I did a search of his bidding history and saw that he's won 350+ items in the last 30 days. He's done this on a couple of other IDs before, too. I found his twitter and the idiot has several photos of "free eBay items" he got from sellers who mistakenly mailed him his order even though he's never paid for anything he's won. The dipshit even has a couple of videos of him opening these packages and has them titled something along the lines of "eBay item that I never even paid for!"
Gonna contact his local police and also speak with someone at USPS about opening a mail fraud investigation since this guy has built up his own case against himself so well.

Sounds like somebody might have a trip to "Federal-Pound-You-in-the-Ass-Prison".
Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

How OCBD-y are the BB "dress shirt" oxford (that go by neck/sleeve size).
I want to up my oxford game but the sleeves are always too long when i size for my shoulders. frown.gif

Not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about the fabric, the shape of the pattern, what exactly?
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Originally Posted by IDH View Post

I'm looking to get a trench coat ready for winter (Although we could use it now in the UK frown.gif) any suggestions on what brands to look at that do a size xs? Hoping to get one in medium grey or beige.
Also has anyone ordered shirts off SF sponsor "ModernTailor"? they seem reasonably priced, just wondering what the quality is like

I have ordered from them twice and both times I think that the fabric quality is shit. The second time I went so far as to order the fabric swatch book so that I could feel what I would be purchasing before going forward. TBH, I'm not even sure if the shirt is made from the same fabric.

Maybe I just need to spend a lot more for the higher quality Sea Island cotton or Thomas Maison, but I'll think long and hard before I have another shirt made.
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The fabric.

I'm going to head there now and check so w/e.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

The fabric.
I'm going to head there now and check so w/e.

The "Heritage" cloth is the really thick and heavy duty. I think it is very nice and am quite happy with mine. It is the fabric that I think of when I think of OCBDs.
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Not fashionz related. I'm reliving my childhood by buying all the final fantasy games I haven't played. Have 4,7,8,9,10,10-2 and I just ordered 12, crisis core and tactics. Any other good ones?
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I think 12 was the last really good one.
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the recent non-sartorialist looks thread might be the worst thread on sf
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can you play any final fantasy games on a macbook?
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

OUR LEGACY 1980-81

I need their manufacturers address in Portugal
Still looking
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