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tried this layer0 on it was outstanding , linen and lined and great color, greenish & ash grey

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I should probably look into slim straight jeans. Tapered/skinny doesn't seem to work.

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If you just tug your white jeans down an inch they'd look fine.
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As part of our £15,000 giveaway, we asked Rick Owens to put together the pieces he would select if he won. The selection focuses on a tight selection of 'beautiful things,' as Owens himself says. A range of counterculture books betray a dark edge, focusing on punk rock, occult mysticism and sixties religious cults. Luggage comes from young brands Haerfest and J. W. Anderson, whilst a shroud-like cashmere scarf from Thamanyah forms a majestic centrepiece to the selection. Owens completed his pick with 'a few stacks' of P.A.M. socks and Kumba incense sticks: 'when I buy something, I like to buy them in multiples to have them for a long time... I love having things in stacks.'

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Does that small selection of RO turds total 15,000 pounds FFS?
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The stupid Thamanyah white scarf alone costs something like 4000 pounds.

I like the Nigel Cabourn shorts.
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Nothing on that list is Rick, FWIW. Mostly Thamanyah.
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(EDIT: @ Sipang) Truth. If you are going to ask upward of $6,000 for a cashmere blanket it had damn well better be thick as shite.

That Thamanyah thing says it's "slightly sheer" so it's probably got less yarn in it than a jacket would. Which is grotesque because there's almost no "design"/"construction" whatsoever.

I would much rather have the thick-looking Elder Statesman version, though I remember somebody in MC selling cashmere blankets by Hermes a couple years ago and they beat the pants off of both of these.
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Well, it is oversized ...
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fuck just had my worst selling experience here. over a TBS code i sold lol.

end of story: buyer fucking claiming through paypal that order does not go though even if code worked and thus i am responsible. like wtf and the code expired a week ago.
fucking buyer: Kaws N Effect

what a dick. fuck. he could have just PM-ed first instead of going through paypal. i have escalated the dispute to paypal claim. not gonna go down without a fight.
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You sold one of the TBS friend codes? Thats terrible to begin with lol
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Originally Posted by Razele View Post

You sold one of the TBS friend codes? Thats terrible to begin with lol

lol yeah i was a greedy dick but he was asking the code and willing to pay. shog[1].gif
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Should have snail mailed him the code on an index card with a tracking label and then marked the paypal transaction as "shipped" lolz
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

fuck wearing sweaters with whales on them, i wear actual whales. whale skin shako, a nice whale skin cape and my shoes are made from whale skin plastered on whale bones. i also light my way with a whale oil lamp and all my accessories are scrimshaw.

Fucking wearing whale parts; I carry a whale on my back everywhere I go. I'm alpha as fuck.
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