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Idk how much of a hand he has in the design, but today I realized I see at least 1 dude in yohji every time I go to the gym--in the form of Y-3 sneakers (which are apparently a must-have for high end gyms)
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Speaking of gyms, when I first got my frees I mentioned how 20 people got the exact same ones in two months, that number became 50 a couple months later so for the next gen frees I got the red ones when they came out. Then there were 5 dudes with the same exact ones.

I got the latest ones in electric blue and saw one du already after about a month. They can't bite my uniqlo mesh tees though redface.gif
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So, I'm wearing my B. Son tee right now, and shit's amazing. It's slouchy in the chest but seriously tapers like 4" in the midsection (2" when laid flat), so it feels ridiculously comfy while looking tailored at the same time.

Anyone else making shit like this? Hopefully cheaper than 60 bucks? It's a really rare cut in the land of t-shirts where every designer is so taper-averse. Bah
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They taper... from the bottom up
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Check out the clothing line B:SCOTT. That is the line that the maker of B.Son started when he closed B.Son.
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Yeah I just sent them an embarrassingly gushy fan email about how neat my tee is and if they make ones similar to that model

Would love to find a cheaper equivalent, though. Hard to stock up on $60 tees :-/
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What to do when you have a bunch of stuff you want to get and is available, but you cannot get them all?

Trying to balance an MC and SW&D wardrobe is hard shog[1].gif
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Dude we gave you the solution a week or two ago!
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I feel like neither MC nor SW&D would like my MC wardrobe. I wear suits 5 days a week, so when I started I just bought 3 cheap slim fitting suits, 6 dress shirts, a stack of ties and some slim leather soled dress shoes. The only item of clothing that cross the MC/SW&D divide for me are some paul smith zip boots that always get 'cowboy boot' comments in the office.
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rob a bank toasty.

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^what solution? I already know what items I'm going to pickup (thanks guy)

Having disposable income is nice at the moment (re: After you graduate college) but you have to monitor your spending redface.gif

Anyways I'm trying to figure out if I should pickup another 2 pairs of MC shoes or have 2 MC and a pair of CP black achilles for Fridays (vs 3 MC and keep the sw&d footwear out of the rotation)

Been picking up a lot of footwear. I think summer clothes is just going to be tanks + shorts because this heat is killing me

I officially do not like summer weather. Early/late fall and winter are the best. Spring is good here as it is still breezy.
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Surely you remember the gothic banker/ bankic gother
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Of course but I said 'no' to that idea

Rather keep the two separate and there are other dudes who already pulling the look quite well here.

I think gdl helped big time in breaking down the footwear game in terms of types. nod[1].gif
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Ah yeah IIRC you're a finance guy so the MC stuff has to be strictly capital M capital C

Fashion conscious bankers-- forced to live a double life frown.gif
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