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^ that's very cool and a pleasure to read Synthese... it may be a bit "over" or "maudlin" to some, but jeans, like no other garment, can tell a story as you just did. many memories and many feelings in something that has been with you for so long on many different occasions and in many different situations. fing02[1].gif cheers.
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Just had some jujeh and kubideh complete with royal rice, tadik, grilled tomato, sumac and onions. It was fabulous.
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Just read your story synth, great fun and quite enjoyed it. Very telling and so true.
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I like -40 degrees, both F and C are equal.... just like the winters here.
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lollll who is the coolest dan quinn, demoniusx, or suttsteve?

demoniusx is the coolest
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lol synth when i asked how old that pair of PS were you told me you wrote it on the inside of jeans. I thought you were being sarcastic...till now.
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actually honestly the coolest in my opinion is the energy drink chugging guy

underdog write in for coolest internet personality and also my personal hero and also my #1 spot for the internet personalities i would like to shotgun energy drinks with
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Is there even a point in trying to find a new, sub $200 watch? i have bigger wrists so it can't be anything dainty either.

i understand the whole fascination with expensive watches, movements, etc, but this is going to be worn more as a fashion piece than anything else...
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Looks like I might have to lay off Margiela and get some tech apocalypse stuff, nude homeless people are eating other dudes faces down here in Miami, crazy shit. The news is blaming it on a drug called "bath salts"
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the zombie apocolapyse has begun...and I have returned from nyc just in time. going to seek refuge in LA, get at me westcoast dogs. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Too lazy to search women's forums. How do the following brands run for ladies?

T by Alexander Wang
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I think Silent runs TTS or maybe a touch bigger for ladies. I bought the SO some tanks in her usual size and they fit great.
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