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Thought you had a pair of Rick or cdg drop crotch. You sell those too?
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you got rid of the rolled up rick pants from your last fit?
or you had actual rick shorts? ..
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he had actual rick shorts
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

am officially shorts-free !

i also want to be shorts free, or at least i dont want to kop any more... ive got loose pants in light fabrics on my wtb list.
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well then in that case
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yeah thats a good look. i still like my kva samurai shorts so im not giving up on them entirely redface.gif
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I love that webshop
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I bought those shorts to go with my KVAs. Or I plan onto

Sipang that store is real nice after discovering it...and based in US I believe so that's huge for me.

Still not sure whether I should pickup some pants from ZB though. That Tri-Panel ffffuuuu.gif
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which one is better:



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What web shop,
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La Garconne I think.
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when it comes to sneakers, white always wins
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I used to be envious of people with unlimited copping powers, now I'm kinda grateful that I haven't gone out and bought a ton of everything.

Wearing nice clothes is so far removed from buying nice clothes that it seems weird that I actually did buy my favourite pieces in the first place.

It almost makes me want to chop the label off everything so I can forget who designed it.
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Silent has been super cheap on Yoox. Can't believe I picked up a tee for thirty bucks w/ some Yoox credit I had laying around.

Other fashion thought, my girl threw on one of my Rick tanks this weekend and said 'IDK why I deny it.....I want more Rick/Ann D stuff'.

FML.........in a bind money wise for myself and now the lady wants $300 basics. ffffuuuu.gif
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