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Originally Posted by dmash View Post

Just type in 'Christianology' on google images. He has like a 40 page link section of a forum all his fits. He's got some really great looks and his CCP collection is ridiculous.
CCP footwear alone:

Why would I ever search that foo.gif

But, but, but those shoes don't have toeboxes that look like the prow of a Viking ship. Not impressed.
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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Receiving packages through USPS has become an arduous task since getting a new mail carrier. If I ever have a package, he won't leave it outside. That's fine, except he also won't buzz to see if anyone is home. Instead, he always leaves it with the leasing office, which is a pain, since sometimes I won't even see the notice until after the office is closed for the day. I saw him today and mentioned all of this to him. His response? "I'm too busy to wait and see if people are home." Silly reasoning, since he could just ring the buzzer right away and then go about distributing the rest of the mail.

Man, it's worse when actual couriers do this.
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A few weeks ago my mail carrier left my package containing my Lang jacket sitting on top of the mail boxes in the front lobby. Luckily my neighbors are honest people, but I was still bothered by it. Just pure laziness...
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if only i lived by snake, that lang jacket would be mine devil.gif
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Come on over, I'm expecting a pair of sandals to be delivered/abandoned atop my mailbox today. shog[1].gif
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ready for my trip to Japan. Think this is all the vocabulary I'll need if I just have these cards and point to what I want to say?


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now why would you ever need to use the words slimy fungus, randomizer, tomato rain, or inner tube?
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I use randomizer and inner tube on a daily basis, just saying
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

lmao. Fok, I think you'll appreciate this. He trains white collar guys to box
ah, embed not working

I did abs yesterday. Today was an off day. I think that I laughed so hard, it's no longer an off day. This can't be real. I mean, those dudes have gotta be planted. It's like all of Rick Moranis's cousins went to the same gym.

Seriously though, the difficulty I bet that one dude had trouble with the "double jab, right uppercut, left hook, right straight" because he can't string together punches without hitches. He can probably do a 1-2 or a 1-4 or a 1-1-2, but you try to string together a 1-1-6-3-2, and unless you have your feet under you properly, and the footwork is ingrained in you, you will look stupid. The double jabs have you on the ball of your left foot. The right uppercut, at least conventionally, plants the left, and puts you on the ball of your right. The left hook transfers the weight so that you are on the ball of your left again, with the right planted, and then the right straight switches the feet again. To a seasoned boxer, or anyone who uses boxing style striking, it's a pretty obvious combination, but apparently not to these guys.
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Christian posts frequently, so like brad said, not all are going to be stunning outfits. He seems to be experimenting right now anyways. He's one of the most killer in Rick, imo.
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to be honest im not a fan of his hair and glasses, but his fits are always awesome
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haha . . thanks for the laugh
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Anyone out there re-applying buttons to button downs? 


I've been thinking updating the buttons on some (most) vintage finds would really give them a new life.  Either colored buttons to compliment, or nice clean white/pearl.

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No colored buttons, looks bad. A lot of guys will harvest mother of pearl buttons from worn out shirts though and put them on their cheaper shirts to dress them up a bit.
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