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How does Plokhov pants fit? If I am a 31-32 should a 48 fit? I think the waist will be fine but trousers look to fit slim in all his lines.

This true?
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shah, is that ccp? for teh womenz? drool.gif so good!

toasty, ive only got jeans in a small (pictured yesterday with those shoes in the should i thread)
fits a 29-32 bc its got tabs.

plokhov made some wide pleated trousers last fw, breezys got them
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This Our Legacy shirt screams Tween_Spirit

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"Lol it's Christian from sz ..."
well at least i know that the shirt is for men and not women laugh.gif
thats such an awesome shirt icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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It does make him look like he has breasts, though.
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

It does make him look like he has breasts, though.

what kind of deformed physiology are you imagining ?

anyway, full shot

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now its a toss up; do i want to look like parker when i grow up or christian?!? laugh.gif
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christian aesthetic only works if you're tall and skinny

i think i want to be asobu/ivwri when i get old
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I much prefer BSR's take on CCp to christian's
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lmao. Fok, I think you'll appreciate this. He trains white collar guys to box

ah, embed not working
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How many times can I convince myself "just one more thing"? Coppage spree must end!
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Toasty i have two pairs in 46 and im like 30 waist. Pair w straps fits p loose but straps are also sidetab/belt and side pleat pants fit very slim maybe 29. So ya go for 48
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VLSI: It never ends I am starting to notice

Thanks Breezy!
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Everytime I fill a "hole" in my wardrobe, I just find a new one...
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Keith Haring shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood

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