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Obama supports black drapey shit
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post

well, each of them if i recall correctly had a hand in production of items under carpe diem, and now use their knowledge to produce their own stuff. The woman under individual sentiments makes pretty distinct stuff compared to augusta and MA+. I don't see how they are all just making carpe diem copies.

IDGI. Are you saying noone else knew how to produce boots?

I mean, it's not like the knowledge of how to produce these boots was some unknown thing that you had to have worked for Cdiem to understand.

They have no more right to that aesthetic than Allsaints.
Originally Posted by Teger View Post

can someone tell me what's original about the shape of carpes? most of them are extremely basic boot styles that are influenced by footwear from the 20s, 30s and 40s. what's 'unique' is the leather treatments..


They're nice though. That's why people buy them. Not because they're the "OG" or any more fucking authentic than anything else. Just because they're fucking nice boots.
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Coldsnap posted on here. And few guys PM'd me asking me to post on how I feel muscular guys should wear clothing (just t-shirts and casual bottoms for now).
I’m not here to argue or push my views down people’s throats - just voicing my opinion with some grade level writing and some crappy, not too entirely accurate, diagrams.
First, let’s meet Mr. Athletic Guy.
As you can tell, he’s athletic all around. That means he’s built up top and also his wheels – no chicken legs here. If you’re “athletic” but have chicken legs, you can stop reading right here as this doesn’t really pertain to you.
Some of you reading this might be bigger than Mr. AG or maybe a bit smaller. But if you have muscularity that involves your chest and hips being similar in circumference and are in the possession of large thighs, this should help you a bit if you’re having trouble dressing to your body type.
Many will argue that “slim-fit” t-shirts are best for Mr. AG who has a 7-12” drop. In my opinion, it’s the complete opposite of what you want to be wearing if you want to seem muscular and bigger while also hiding the fact that you have huge hips and thighs.
For one, slim-fit t-shirts usually have more narrow shoulders seams. As you can see from the figure below, it kills the lines form your V-shape and makes you seem more narrow up top.
Another thing is that slim-fitting t-shirts usually huge your body throughout. Hugging your chest and arms is fine, but once it starts being slim around your waist/hips, you’re just setting your thighs up to be the center of attention. Yes, show the world you have a huge drop from your chest to waist. But at the cost of showing everyone your reverse-pyramid from your waist to hips/thighs.
I think regular fit tees work better for Mr. AG. It fits in line with your shoulders better, giving the illusion that you’re wider up top. And if you’ve got some decent size on you, it’s going to hug your chest and biceps already but give you some room in the body and hips. Also, having your tees a bit longer will help hide the initial slope of your thighs going outwards.
Next, let’s move onto your pants/jeans. A lot of people will say that straight-leg pants are best for guys with muscular thighs. This flies in the face of what I feel is best for someone that wants to hide their gigantic thighs. Straight-leg pants are going to be pretty slim in the thighs for an athletic guy to begin with and the lack of a hard taper just makes his legs look stumpy (figure below). A hard taper below the knees in conjunction with minimal stacking will make your legs seem slimmer and longer.
Now onto the rise of the pants/length of the crotch. I think drop crotch (even a slight drop crotch or just a higher rise with some sagging) is far superior to a normal rise for someone who wants to mask his thighs. A normal rise is going to show the tightness throughout your thighs with nothing to hide it (unless you have a dress on). A drop crotch will give you more room in the seat/thighs and it your thighs won’t look like sausages being stuffed into casings.
This last part is just putting A and B together. What most people think Mr. AG should wear is a slim-fit tee to show off his muscles and straight-leg pants/jeans due to muscular legs.
I argue that a regular fit, longer tee that has wider shoulder seams will help hide his hips/thighs and that a drop crotch with a hard taper below the knees will give the illusion that his thighs are gigantic.
I know this just covers your basic tee and pants, but if you’re smart about it, you can apply it to most garments.
Some of you guys might not agree with this assessment. That’s fine. I’m not 100% sure of what I just typed out anyways :P

i look exactly like that guy. skinnier in the arms as i dont do bicep curls much

you have no idea how much i love you right now (no homo)

can we talk who makes these pants that you're talking about? slight drop crotch with tapered legs?
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Saving up for shoes is the hardest lol

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I have an athletic build I find that buying 1 size up on higher rise heavily tapered jeans/pants and sagging a bit works well

Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

i look exactly like that guy. skinnier in the arms as i dont do bicep curls much
you have no idea how much i love you right now (no homo)
can we talk who makes these pants that you're talking about? slight drop crotch with tapered legs?
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

I really don't think this is it, All Saints sells a lot of stuff aping this aesthetic. Plus drapey goth shit is really on-trend right now, much to the chagrin of the average SZ poster.

In my experiences it just doesn't sell. Goth ninja lite is kind of trendy but most people don't want to pay 60$ for a t-shirt just for "design". They want a logo, or a graphic. The average customer, even one that frequents All Saints, doesn't spend that much on plain basics. People who want cheap tanks get AA and if they're too picky for that there is Silent, there's honestly not *that* much of a market for "middle lower ground goth ninja basics".

In my opinion goth ninja is simply an expensive aesthetic that demands quality. The average customer just finds goth nina-lite distressing cute and trendy but they don't really buy into the aesthetic. In my opinion All Saints just bites on trends, there's just as much, if not more, workwear-lite themes on All Saints than goth ninja (which is really a small portion of all the clothing available). I folded and sold more raw Japanese seldvege jeans than drop crotch pants, which kind of sucked in my opinion because they always fit way too big on me (but looked awesome on my co-workers, so yeah if you're tall, built, and lean).
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Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

I have an athletic build I find that buying 1 size up on higher rise heavily tapered jeans/pants and sagging a bit works well

Agreed that works with some bottoms. I do it pretty often.
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post

haha, glad that hurt, you're such a waste of space on this site.

Christ, you're a miserable little twit. Grow up.
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Originally Posted by aether View Post

for those of you guys trying to do the RO cut and sew layering game on the cheap, I just got back from american apparal and they had some workable stuff.
i got a few shirts that are basically crew necks with a slightly slouchy neck, good for those of you guys who don't wanna go all Adonis with a wide cut neck, it's a good middle-of-the-road option. cut on the body is generous and has 'drape', but the hem is standard length.
I also got two long viscose shirts that would be really good for an RO base layer look. very thin weight, long hem, and nice thin neck line.
Yeah, I tried on a few of those, and I just ordered some of the sheer jersey loose crews on the cheap. Not sure whether the viscose tees would end up being too sheer for me out in the wild.

Also, little guys should get on the women's track shirts. XL was a little too snug in the chest (I'm a 40) and definitely too short in the arms, but they had them in tri-blend, and they had a relaxed neckline and a nice taper.
Originally Posted by Eason View Post

What do you mean by this? you cut the crew-neck completely out, all the way around? Or you just cut the front neck?
I just cut out a shirt's neckband entirely with a seam ripper. I'll try to post a fit sometime soon.
Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

one of my leather laces are on the verge of breaking frown.gif I can slowly see them withering away.
I actually dislike leather laces. They're hard to tie, and they always deteriorate really quickly on me, it seems.
Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Why does it seem like a lot of SFers prefer side-zip boots over chelsea boots?
I have both, and there's something about the stretchy panels that feels a little off. On the other hand, some side-zips get a distorted profile from the base of the zipper bulging out at the instep.
Originally Posted by wogbog View Post

how do you guys wear silent shirts without feeling like it's a dress
Size down. teacha.gifshog[1].gifpeepwall[1].gif
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Don't care how dated it is, would still love some Dior Homme outfits.
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Originally Posted by Lel View Post

Don't care how dated it is, would still love some Dior Homme outfits.

Me too, it still looks good.
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I got excited about an Ebay item and then saw this shipping note. Hmm

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So namor is mr portering the carmina thread now in mc and ordering more pairs of ugly shoes he doesn't need and won't wear.

I'm jus tryin to help you out brosef, save your money.
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I feel like we need a thread for imagedumping movie characters, musicians, animations, etc. that illustrate a caricature of various members' style. In another universe, this could just as easily be Fuuma.

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