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phone texting? not sure about that, but you can definitely use a messenger service. facebook, skype, aim, gchat, etc.
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with regards to skype, can i make a phone call then? or is it just the messenger?
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you can message other ios devices over wifi
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Skype app supports chat, talk, everything.

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you can call on skype as long as you've paid for the minutes.
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alright thanks guys!

ugh technology shog[1].gif
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is it just me or has gilt gotten even even worse. had some credit for months, literally can't bring myself to spend it on anything.
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gilt sucks these days
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Gilt is abysmal, also have credits leftover, but none of their sales even remotely interest me. Anyone know if you can still use Gilt credits on P&B?
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i used all my gilt credits to buy chocolate.
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it's pretty terrible. the brands are generally boring and the prices are not very good. there are exceptions here and there. if you're into yohji in particular it seems a good spot to find deals lately.
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MyHabit is actually pretty good lately, though.

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Unless you're an XS

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pretty bad for a S too frown.gif
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Fatties get all the cheap clothes. Worse to be a 38/39 for footwear though. No selection, ever.

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