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It was last year but I know the Dr. Marten store in soho had them as well.
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Coolio. Also, those pants that Charly is wearing are the same ones that, so comfy.
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chariy, i see you found some ann boots icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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^^ it's like wearing a wicker chair.

And you wouldn't be able to attend any barbecues or bon fires
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

^^ it's like wearing a wicker chair.
And you wouldn't be able to attend any barbecues or bon fires

just need to wear with the lumen et umbra paper stuff for maximum naked flame danger!
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got Cody's shady ass banned again with the help of others, one of the head mods at sufu is contacting his suppliers to stop him in his tracks, so he can stop with his shady ass crap. Dude sold me stuff advertised as damir doma sample sale, when it was his own private label egocomplex, and he sent mass emails badmouthing me and another customer, painting me as stupid basically for supposedly not knowing what I was buying. So I posted our conversation and so did others to show his shadyness.

anyone backing him up, I get you might have gotten a legitimate product, or at least think you did. However, he sold me a egocomplex hoody and said it was pre-production doma, and then said he had to refund me cuz I was mistaken that what I was buying was damir in a mass email, so I posted my pms to show how conflicting his story is to prove he is a lying attempted scammer.

So, word to the wise, don't buy from him, but hopefully hes gone for good since the mods have connects with lost and found/damir, etc.
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Yeah, I got that mass email from Cody, didn't realize it was referring to you though; sorry to hear that happened Lane, hope it gets resolved for you.
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it was already resolved, I got my money back from paypal a long time ago. Funny part is he mentions in his thread he's glad to refund if you're not happy with the item, but he waited the full time for paypal to decide my dispute, basically seeing if he could win. He only sent a mass email cuz me and upsilonkng were badmouthing him and his enterprise in one of his threads, since he was shadying it up again.

hope this guy wont be able to resurface after the mods contact the stores.
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so his whole operation is done for because of a mis-represented hoody? that got resolved?
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who is cody? backstory lane, backstory.
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rft: the term "designer clothing" always makes me cringe. like other clothing isn't designed, it just pops into existence on the mall racks.
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^ Kind of dope though how constant aggressive marketing rewires us to see the world in categories like that though. One time I was waiting tables and a woman asked for "fresh-squeezed orange juice" without any kind of prompt or basis. "Fresh-squeezed orange juice" was a single semantic unit in her world. Shit is fucked.
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I always associated designer clothing with a human name. Like Marc Jacobs would be designer clothing, as would shitty Macy's Calvin Klein. This is probably completely wrong but it's how I see it. The conceptual forest rejects designer clothing.
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Is it me or does anyone else have a hard time telling gothninja brands apart? Lumen et Umbra, Label under Construction, Devoa, Obscur, In Aisce, etc.
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