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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Lane and Uncontrol seem to be at each others throats lately. I though Mr. Sam´s pic had brought them closer together, but all this bickering is proving otherwise confused.gif

I like Lane but he gets aggressive pretty easily ...
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Originally Posted by Miran2 View Post

Lane seems to be a Believer, Hallelujah!  Albeit a quasi-Hippie one who stinks and likes his women unshaven and also stinking....

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Now they´re killing dalmatians to make sneakers???

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New Balance head designer

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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Originally Posted by jet View Post

^saw that, not quite what looking for thanks how's sizing for 41" chest want oversize fit.
Thanks fuj I think a topman just opened in LA.

I noticed some of their out-of-house tees and tanks are literally twice as much as they are elsewhere online.

I don't know what this is in reference to but I'll tell you how the tanks fit, hopefully perfect because I bought 4 that I actually liked.
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Tried on this PS blazer yesterday just for kicks.. ended up kind of wanting it. Would rock with white shirt/faded jeans/tan boots for some sleazy summer action.

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i really want to pickup those terra cotta boots to fuck around with

it may require be picking up some denim again, i know they'll pair nicely with my white trousers as of now.

honestly who is selling them? i feel like it is someone on the board (NY)

MMM 42 GATs size down 1 for boots right?

Who owns the cowboy boots and can show me how to swag them out? I am concerned about the tuck/drape of trousers
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toasty, i think its better for you to get some terracotta coloured side zips instead of the cowboy boots...

should at least have a vision before kopping teacha.gif
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but cowboy boots! i just finished season 2 of walking dead and RIck has been seen in some pretty awesome cowboy boots kicking some zombie ass
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if you can kick ass (or look like you'll kick ass) then no one will question your swag biggrin.gif
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icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif but like you said side zips would be definitely better, don't have to be concerned about the width of the shaft and having my trousers over them =\
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accessories !


can see the rest in [SOON ...]
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