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I don't mind a lot of his shoes.  I have a pair, the quality's not great, but good luck finding something that looks better for less than I paid.  I think it's probably not hard to look decent with JV if you have a ton of cash and don't really know anything about fashion, which is probably where the appeal is.

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John Varvatos is an important 2000s artifact, he also appeared in How to Make it in America (- 2.66) .

* * *

Martens is heavily influenced by his hometown of Bruges, which, once a medieval metropolis, is half stuck in the past and half overrun by modern tourism. "It's a very interesting duality because you live in the elegance of this old city, but then there's all these neon lights and Christmas shops that are open twelve months a year," explains the designer. "But there's this melancholy and this sense of something ugly that's become beautiful, and I tried to express that in my collection."

Bruges' abovementioned high/low duality appears in a play on hard and soft—boxy tops and trousers vs. stern but fluid frocks—and seemingly contrasting combos, like an organza dress with a thick elastic drop waist, or the platform trainers that he pairs with each look. Martens's muted palette of grey, midnight, powder blue and bone was inspired by the art of the Flemish Primitives, specifically Hans Memling, for whom the designer developed an affection at the age of 10 when he viewed a retrospective of his work. And his knack for subtle details, like smartly placed slits that hint at sensuality, or the brass clasps on a moiré bomber jacket, which were sourced from a metalsmithing shop that once catered to the royalty of Versailles ("They're buckles of the king!" he jokes), is decidedly impressive for a first collection.

525 480

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need that rug.
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The one that's moving ?
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Honda CMX250C or Kawasaki Ninja 250r



cant decide
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

The one that's moving ?

Yes, but preferably one that doesn't. Unless it has some sort of massage setting. satisfied.gif
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i was thinking of buying a ninja 650 soon but not sure if i wanna since i can only ride it half the year

p.s. don't kop a 250. it wont be long before you get bored with it and you'll wish it had a bit more power. at least get a 400.
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i cant find many ninjas even around here being sold used, fuck
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get a 250. Good for learning.

400 occupies the boring middle ground, neither has the oomph of a bigger bike nor the lightness of a smaller bik.

Get a 250, after a couple of years you can get a 600 or bigger.

either of those bikes will be fine.
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Lane, your bike just arrived at Kobe Harbor, expect a tracking no. in the coming days.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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250 is the best for learning, all 'biker bros' will give you shit for it though. I'm taking it you've never ridden anything before, dirt bike even?

I just sold my CBR600RR, miss it already.

When you get years experience, get this.

848 Evo drool.gif

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Looking for a cinch back, lightweight trouser to wear in the spring and summer. A slightly anti-fit or drop crotch would be nice as well.
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I think Lane's bike is the last of his worries in getting shit from any kind of "bro".
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post

Honda CMX250C or Kawasaki Ninja 250r Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
cant decide

Due to your history with leather jackets, I will preemptively ask you not to post any of these in the Recent Purchases thread until you're positive that you're going to keep it.
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yah, never riden shit, but yah I dont give a fuck what other faggots are gonna say, since im gonna eventually upgrade. Everyone tells me ill ride the 250 for like 6 months tops. People tell me the 250r is the best for beginners, in my case ive never sat on a dirt bike either. Its the easiest to balance, only problem is during heavy winds apparently the bike is light as hell.

Also, APK im taking a MSF course and then deciding which im gonna get, seems like kawasaki makes the one I want. prefer the design of the honda, but it doesn't seem like the better choice.
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