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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

willy those slim cargo pants you have, are those uniqlo or levi's or summit else?

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pics (Click to show)

Picture 4.pngPicture 4 01-14-13.png




clothing i want, y u no affordable?

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am i weird for thinking that some fetish wear is kinda cool from a fashion perspective?

semi-NSFW (Click to show)

IMG_4550.CR2 zentai.jpg

like, check out the snakeskin print on the guy in the back! i totally want one.



i totally want this mask too



strangely awesome





this could be a really cool concept. i totally want them.

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Saw a pretty hot chick on the patio of this restaurant and when she passed by I complimented her on her shoes which lead to us talking. She styled on everyone there and was stunned I knew she was wearing ann and rick, she said I made her day foo.gif
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did you tap that
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

I still can´t thumbs (what the f%ck is going on?), so I´m bound to posting. That tank is pretty sweet, deets?


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DLester's Troll
"wait so you like this but hated my fruity raf sweater"

is this you bows? biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

DLester's Troll
"wait so you like this but hated my fruity raf sweater"

is this you bows? biggrin.gif

it's DL , he wasn't clever about the name. and that comment is 150% trolling (or he's blind teacha.gif )
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Vibskov SS 12 20% off this weekend at NYC store to celebrate 1year anniversary peepwall[1].gif Will I be buying my first tank and will it somehow end up not being an american flag?

edit: BW trainer creeping in times square, of all places. Dude looked like an even skinnier jw33d pre-shave. Mega beard, and crazy teashade glasses. Did not speak English.

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get off my tank jock!
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sorry i know college fashionistocino was a couple pages back but this must take the motherfucking cake.


LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: American Classic
Sometimes in Florida it is simply too hot to play with layers. That’s when you need to take the few layers you have and really make a statement with them. This Fashionisto accomplishes this with his grooming and the light layers he puts on during the spring break heat.

This Fashionisto's look is very American classic. It’s utilitarian, as there are no more layers than are necessary, and there isn’t an overload of color and pattern. The result is a very clean, fresh and put-together look. He rolls up the sleeves of his light sweater to three-quarter length, which adds a casual touch to the outfit. Some people are nervous about wearing their clothes in ways that they aren’t made to look, but that’s what makes outfits fun! Roll up your sleeves, flip your cardigan around or DIY your shoes; it gives your wardrobe your own flair.

I’ve seen a huge trend with men and facial hair recently. Groomed or scruffy, a lot of guys are sporting a full beard or goatee. This Fashionisto has a very visible goatee with a little bit of scruff around the rest of his jaw. He also uses product to make his hair move towards the top of his head. It looks done but not overdone. It’s somewhere between “I just rolled out of bed” and Pauly D's helmet hair

If you want this Fashionisto’s casually classic look, grab a zippered sweater and a classic patterned shirt. Throw on a pair of jeans and you’re all set. This look was meant to be easy for anyone to pull off, so any guy can look like a true Fashionisto when trying the American classic style.

Style On,

Amanda Sater
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These guys are all picked by women, is the problem.  'Oh he's CUTE let's interview him!'; I think every male has had a girlfriend that tries to get him to buy a fucking argyle sweater.

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there is (was?) nothing wrong with argyle. veronique had some quite nice ones. i wish these generalizations weren't made frown.gif
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