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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

That comment of his was a bit over the top (even if Wikipedia says she's 20), but I think he just plays up the creepy stereotype we have of him. As always, a haircut would help.

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wow saw marni was going to be on gilt today and practically shat my pants, then realized it was womens. very beautiful but still very expensive. if i was ballin harder would kopp things for the lady with the quickness.
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First, let’s just get clear on the terminology here: “Curation” is an act performed by people with PhDs in art history; the business in which we’re all engaged when we’re tossing links around on the internet is simple “sharing.” And some of us are very good at that! (At least if we accept “very good” to mean “has a large audience.”)

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who has called link-poasting here curation anyway ?
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

who has called link-poasting here curation anyway ?

No one that I know of, it's just a word I see thrown around so much these past few years and it makes my skin crawl. And then I saw that and thought I would share smile.gif I think he's mostly talking about tumblr which I don't partake in but you see it everywhere, in copy for every kind of product and on every girls (and guys) blog. It's worse than the word "epic".
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^ p4 you never cease to surprise me, had no clue you liked gweedy smile.gif

tweeny baby :- i probably don't associate with the sophisticates of high society like you. speaking of tumblr blogs, our fellow bloggers here are getting rather lazy. if i start seeing too much overlap i'll have no choice but to delete the bookmarks (ooooOooOOOoOoo big deal tough guy gon' derete!!!)

was talking about morning coats yesterday, look what i found biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Butler View Post

No, I'm afraid it's yours truly shog[1].gif

Can I make up for it, by showing the whole outfit? bigstar[1].gif

Steven Hitchcock Morning coat/DB waistcoat & Cashmere trousers
T & A tunic shirt and self designed collar from Budd
New & Lingwood PS

By lifestylemanager at 2012-03-22

By lifestylemanager at 2012-03-22

By lifestylemanager at 2012-03-22

Photos. Journal of Style
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I don't think I'll be coughing up the cash for guidi (plural of guido, yes?...wait, haven't I made that joke before?) anytime soon, but I can appreciate it. Also, I just kinda post whatever I find interesting, or what I think others might find interesting. Trying to be a useful member of the SF community!
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A sudden urge to wear tanks has emerged in me, which makes me look forward to summer a whole lot more, from a SWD-perspective... shog[1].gif I'm supah-skinny though, so not sure if I can pull it off. Will have to start working out again.


I'd love the striped aubergine one from Dries, but I don't think I can justify 130 euros on a tank-top. frown.gif

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imo it works better if you're skinny and not muscular.
muscular guys look like they're showing off.
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^ Sun's out guns out, brah

Free & Easy makes me want to buy some alden blutchers.
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the shah
"you're muscular redface.gif)"

im not buff, but enough definition to make me look like a douche in a tank, sadly redface.gif

i did it last year in a waywt but would never go out in public with a tank
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Yeah I feel kinda like a douchebag in a tank top, I've only got one though and I mostly bought it for raves and music festivals and stuff where I think it loses that vibe.

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oh cmon people. yeah, maybe you guys hate other athletic dudes in tanks, but the fairer sex sure don't...
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