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Age, whiskey, and cigarettes all work, as well as shouting -- though I guess being trapped inside a video game of your own design helps, too...
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I have been thinking more and more about weird artisanal stuff over the past year or so, in the vein of what drew was posting in the toj thread. I'd like some odd, embroidered shirts with floral motifs on the collar or something; maybe something similar on a brown leather jacket, maybe a pair of boots. Hopefully I can get back into the shoe making thing next month or so, it would be fun to play around with stuff like that. . I think I'll buy some white jeans this weekend. I've been wanting them for a while now.
Summer ideas:
gold-leafed side-zip boots
floral everything - white floaral print shirts, painted jackets, embroidered shirts, white blazers, white boots, maybe a pair of perforated jeans or something

You want something like this?

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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

When you have no idea who they are or what they're saying, you're forced to confront how absolutely ridiculous every single element of a music video is. How in the hell did this become one of the primary vehicles of mainstream commercial artistic expression? It's hilarious.

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going to put tron soundtrack on repeat during drives to work, not sure how long this stint will last but i'm enjoying the ride so far

It's also great background music for any video game in which you kill people or drive a vehicle.
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omg i love bigbang ... do not defend that video at all but taeyang is the man. just sayin tongue.gif
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Man, the sheer excess of K-pop is what makes it fun. Totally over the top clothing and girl bands with way too many members.

With no irony I would say that it is a lot more fun than the 'high' contemporary art that is cranked out nowadays. Spot paintings?? GTFO Damien Hirst. confused.gif

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Originally Posted by noobizor View Post

I hear this, along with Jeff Bridges' grizzled voice, every time I catch a glimpse of tween's location:
the grid wow.gif

From what I can gather about tron from the trailer, it's a pretty accurate representation of where I actually live alien.gif

Oh and Synth, wear any of these with white jeans and be unstoppable:
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K-Pop is the worst fucking thing ever unleashed on the world. Worst of American pop combined with the worst of Japanese pop.
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Though really fun to watch as you're guzzling down 8 lbs of korean bbq
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My friend sent me that last week because it was filmed on their block, but none of us can figure out what the hell it's all about, like why the hell do they keep being turned down by white women? Is that just supposed to make it feel more like New York?
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the area looks like its around the raised JM line in the south wburg (the hasidic part).

I grew up in an area that was all koreans and jews. I fucking love korean food--Bulgogi, Beepimbop, Soondobu Jigae, Budae Jigae

nom nom nom.
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Please calm down with the sinophilic banter. What a breath of fresh air, this gulix-blended Ann jacket paired with painted gats and navy twilled cotton trousers, this skiamachy , if you will , combating some inner charlatan #menswear toxicophagous demon unleashed in full force yesterday. Please excuse my vaniloquence, I needed some closure on the matter redface.gif

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This guy wears his PH sneakers almost the same way I do when I'm running errands, down to the twisted hem James Perse tee. My bomber is nylon though and Acne, not Cos blush.gif Somebody take my picture!!!
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Some imagery for your considerations, if you please



¿Qué es un desastre?

Herro Tween


Junya FW00-01

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Shah I have such a crush on this girl, what can you do about it?

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check the streets for a man with a red camera strap, then look in his line of sight. she will be there.

The fasting will help you with your carnal desires
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