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Oh wait, I guess they sold out now haha
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I knew it was about time someone would re-release natural tanned shoes..


Triple stitch+ Natural tanned+ '100 year old last' = denim head instant boner confused.gif
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These boots are perfect. I feel like I should know but what's the brand?

EDIT: Nevermind, Damir Doma. Ha, that was very easy.
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I sort of still do regret not picking up some platform camp boots from assembly for cheap

only alternative i can think of now are some RO or DM
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almost done with summer kops. just need another pair of shorts and to get some shoes resoled. maybe some more mocs if my quoddys sell.
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summer outfit will consist of suede boots and white sneakers
faded raw denim and white jeans

tank tops? ocbd's, oversized turtleneck ? yeah... still figuring out the top half

northern california so not expecting it to be TOO hot though there were some high days past couple of weeks. i like layering more in terms of 4 season wardrobes to conceal my fat

oh and lots of wool trousers with black boots hopefully
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

::: tween et al. :::
For you spring-wear with shirt tied around waist ;
yet you can still embrace the volume teacha.gif

I like the desaturated colors he uses.

This summer, I'm thinking Van Essche x Van Noten = summer outfit combo of death



467 467
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richmond is 95 with humidity all summer and i work outside ffffuuuu.gif
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yah summer is the worst here, fuck this area, im just gonna be able to wear a t-shirt soon
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just got back from a three day section on the appalachians. Put that japanese ethos to work: wore some white mountaineering and nonnative shit to keep dry, stay warm, and LOOK FABULOUS all at the same time. I almost want to sell my bless and toj to buy more things that end in -tex.

teger: where is the best burger in richmond? I might be visiting for some shitty music festival.
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which music festival? best friend's day? best burger depends on what you want to spend. carytown burger and fries is good and cheap and so is 821 cafe, but the best period is probably at can can in carytown. expensive though.
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Stay Sweet! Fest, which is about a month from now. Just a bunch of small bands but some I really enjoy. I might be up there again for BFD if the line up was as good as last year's and if I have some time I'll drop you a PM to hang out with your dog.
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post


Saw this dude this afternoon on carmine and bleecker, and he was with another guy wearing a shirt tied around his waist. think I made my girl a little nervous when I stopped mid sentence and did a double take on them hahaha

asian cat is going hard though, what's his story?

oh and I could reallllly get into that first look sip posted, with the white and grey
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yea hit me up. the richmond food scene is so so - best restaurant in general is probably black sheep or comfort, especially if you like southern food. the good thing is that it's super dead over the summer.
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i want to dress in all lad musician
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