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marni H&M was ridiculous at beverly center this morning
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You gotta go into a Bradford Cox show willing to hear an hour of noise / and or an hour of his recorded stuff. You can't just expect a pure greatest hits show or you will be let down.

Also that dude was probably trying to be witty to a bunch of strangers and ended up getting exactly what he wanted.
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wearing a pair of the uniqlo vintage chinos I picked up today. after wearing slim fit denim and pants for so long it feels so good to be in something with a fuller cut. the higher rise (compared to N&F and 511s) is welcome as all. I can definitely see the appeal in the supper loose cut of something like the yohji pants or even the EG pants.
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Originally Posted by 1969 View Post

Doesn't everyone get hit with customs from them...like every single time?

I have ordered from them twice, the first time was about a year ago, and I didn't get hit with customs either time. Orders arrived in like 2-3 days too.
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following up on jet's search for summer tanks, I thought this one by James Long looked pretty nice. The price not so much.
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That's pretty cool. I've never worn a tank of any kind in my entire life (0)

Wonder if I should change that?
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not sure if this was posted but jean paul gaultier named as diet coke creative director to replace lagerfeld
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saved on nepenthes blog as 3amigos.jpg
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Originally Posted by wurm View Post

Spring weather is already here where I live. I still don't know what I want in my t-shirts. All I know is that I wish I had better ones, but every time I look for new ones I get discouraged.
Also, it's official (I know it's been expected for a while but whatever): http://runway.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/03/07/yves-saint-laurent-gets-a-new-designer/?ref=fashion
I'm not a huge fan but I'm still curious to see what this will result with. I'm really most interested to see what he comes up with for womens RTW and how it is received.

Wrong Weather tees are pretty nice, I have had good luck and they post measurements on their site for each size.

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florals orgasm

* * *

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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

marni H&M was ridiculous at beverly center this morning

I don't know why I'm surprised but apparently there was a 2.5 hour wait at one of the NYC stores.
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i went in at 9:10ish today and got a wristband for 10:45. all i did was wait at fitting room or walk around people who were trying stuff on at mirrors and didnt want to wait for fitting rooms. they were just leaving stuff left and right. all you had to do is grab that stuff and bring it back to the SAs that were guarding the line and racks and ask to change sizes

got everything i wanted and more (for ebay)
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I thought the stuff in the lookbook was pretty good, but I always feel disappointed when I see the collab pieces in real life. Did you like what you saw?
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i love marni and was more excited about this one than the previous collabs like versace and lanvin

but yeah you get what you pay for ... its all terrible quality (arguably worse than the lanvin stuff) but its cheap enough for some filler or random pieces and its what i expected

i just bought everything and will sort through it and return or sell on ebay this week. most of what i got was for the GF. she wanted all of the jewelry and some dresses and stuff
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