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i wear mmm/cp same size

* * *

sold bbs shorts, paypal is reviewing the payment since yet another gift payment ffffuuuu.gif

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back to regularly scheduled programming
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

all of a sudden there are people in my town trying to fashun uhoh.gif
peacocking has reached the rockies

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those are actual shoes?
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I like what I see
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Anyone have a pair of attachment j jeans? are they worth it? how big is the hem on a size 2?
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Seems like every other post on the forum is shah's for awhile now lol sup dawg.

I knew that was the velcro shirt the second I saw the front only, not a bad shirt and pays to know what you're getting into before gettin into it.

Going to try on my vass tomorrow.
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The pair of Dries shoes I tried on this season fit a size big. Not paying $900 for them either.
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^^ What did you get again ? I always forget how reasonably (comparatively) priced Vass are, makes sense to order from them instead of going the usual route of overpriced nondescript designer stuff like Raf derbies and so on.

^ QED smile.gif
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I actually just picked up the Raf derby from Gilt. They're not bad at all. Granted, it's a generic derby design which is what I wanted, but quality is pretty high. Up there with the other high-end shoes I have. At the sale price, I think they were worth it. They were less than a third the price of my Vass.
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Raf Simons leather dress shoes, at least the ones I've handled, are actually quite nice. Quality is evident.

Parker, got a pic?
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Sure, I agree with all the above but if I were to pay retail (or even @ yoox prices where they're still usually priced at around €350) I'd rather pony up the difference and get me some chunktastic Vass.
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+1. if comparing full price, I'd go Vass for sure. But, if you're overseas Vass can be a hassle. I had to order 3x to get my fit right -- with no return policy :-(

Raf pebble grain in black.

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True true, well I was mostly talking for myself since I know my size already smile.gif but obviously Gilt-like prices are hard to beat.

Bottom line, a pretty useless Sipang contribution, and I still don't know what Jet ordered confused.gif
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Ad campaigns for every Slimane season at DH.  As a bonus, the soundtrack is awesome.

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miharayasohiro sneakers/footwear any good?

heard of the label a few times.
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