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this would all be easier if you weren't lazy and made a blog then wouldn't have to even bother wading through the waist-deep trash round some of these parts .............. just answer me foo.gif
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If I didn't put my face all over these forums I could leak some stories about my days boosting cars, my time spent riding the rails, the time a cougar tried to get me to cuckold her husband, or the time I did some... "solo" work on camera for a sleazy guy in princeton, nj.
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Anybody have experience with Peter Nappi boots from Nashville? Interesting price point for a pair of italian made boots.

Also, does anybody have personal experience or opinions on how durable blake stitching is?
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never heard of them, but they look really well made, kinda remind me of carpe. check out these from their facebook page
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I'm on board with this new 3.1Phillip Lim stuff. Picked up the peacoat with leather sleeves and a white button down, thought I would definitely be returning, but they're both really nice. Good materials and details. The peacoat looks awesome buttoned with the collar up like this:

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Yeah that's why I was looking at them, look really well made and pretty good pricing. Was hoping there would be some nashville peeps who have seen them in person
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those boots I posted above are hand stitched and are $1500
their place is only like 4 hours from me, I might have to drive up there one day and check it out
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Sipang has officially become more interesting than fuuma, snake, and jet combined. He's like the captain planet of styleforum mystery.

if i may interject ---

while fuuma and his dashing good looks are only rivaled by your rugged handsomeness (reedo as well but he was docked few points for appearing cross-eyed when viewed head on), the ever-dangling cigarette from his lips, much like in fear and loathing, make him a perpetual film in motion, especially when inebriated and trolling rickshaw drivers in south east asia. but alas, we move on to the serpent, who remains a mystery despite a beautiful smile he only slightly reveals, but his monochromatic nature was blemished by the wine he spilled on his cdg<3chucks, naturally this takes us to jet who has need for nothing but owns all that he wants, he is the sultani (king) kabob offering both the skewered koobideh and the filet barg with a steaming bed of saffron rice, and yet, he is a master troll in ownership of 93% of the accounts you interact with here.

so of course this leaves sip-san, who has a japanese-bread dog that can nearly speak, which is fascinating, but he is in reality a goofball and great basketbalist (at 6'7 he dunked on me with fluid ease, even took off from the free throw line and got it like MJ) and his freestyle rapping is impeccable though I attribute this to the large population of migrant north africans he encounters in santa agatha on a daily basis. but his dislike of belgian cuisine puts him at odds with the one and only ...

...the most interesting user on SF in the history of the forum is by far softy (who is actually sipang as well but we distinguish based on personas) now relegated to selling trousers made of lovely fabrics to slight rotund men of vast fortunes, i.e. the MC frequenters. Read post history and you will be re-enlightened. I rest my case.

*** this is not to take away from the most quixotic and puzzling character to have graced these parts, ghulkhan, who is reincarnated as razelle, but we were discussing most interesting here...
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that Nappi brand made me appreciate Buttero's pricing even more. To Kop or not to kop... foo.gif
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Those boots look like they should be 300.
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shah, do you and jet share the miran account, or just you?
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huhwhut ??? i'm not you!!!
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Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

those boots I posted above are hand stitched and are $1500
their place is only like 4 hours from me, I might have to drive up there one day and check it out

Yeah those are special boots since most of their regular boots are blake stitched instead of goodyear. But I guess if you look at hand stitched Vass shoes, the pricing reflects the craftmanship
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vass shoes are not 1500 and higher quality than that
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i always pictured softy as a lil cuddly asian kid foo.gif
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