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tween, you've been trolling so good lately

plz don't stop
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bunch of whiny bitches in this thread
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Those pictures as a little misleading. The 12% picture is probably closer to 10%, and so on... If you want to see guys at about 7-8% bf, look at the more cut MMA fighters at weigh in time. I was as low as 7% when I was fighting competitively (that was 10 years ago now!) and I was on a very strict diet pre-fights, plus 2-3 workouts a day (cardio/strength and conditioning/fight training). A lot of guys my size (I walked around at 165 or so, and fought at 155) were lower bf than the heavyweights and LHW, for obvious reasons.
As for not getting big - it's easy to be pretty strong and fast, and not be big. I never was. If you have the genetics, and do any significant amount of cardio, you are not going to get that big, especially without supplements.

i did a couple of sit-ups today. then i ate, like, half a loaf of challah bread with my ginger ale. coupla glasses of medoc and i have finished my workout for the day.
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can we talk about clothes you fucking neanderthals
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So, what do you guys wear when you work out?
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Nothing out of the ordinary. Shorts, my nikes, which i also wear for playing tennis, because they´re tennis sneakers. And then it dependes, sometimes tank tops or others just a normal tee. Don´t really like spending money on gym wear, prefer to use it for jeans, sneakers, boots, shirts, jackets,  etc. SOmething I can wear all the time. Workout clothing is for that, working out, and I only do that some hours a week, so it´s always better to direct that money to whatever i´m gonna wear on a daily basis.

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I workout naked so I can check myself out better
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

I workout naked so I can check myself out better

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I am working out a zaya rum w/ mexi coke and lime right now.
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God this whole thread is fucked. For one, if you are 10% bf, you are ripped as shit. All your muscles show, and super clear. No matter how big they are

2. Im so fucking tired with 90% of this forum being trying to find deals on Allen Edmonds and find the perfect fit on RRL; seriously?

3. How are so many people STILL asking about how to wash jeans? Goddamn I thought this was covered years ago.

4. Why are people so scared to wear *fashion* in public. Damn, if you like the shit wear it. If you are scared to wear it, don't even bother. Stop being so pusillanimous about life and just live it you fucking pussies.
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That post needed more scarves!!!
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post

can we talk about clothes you fucking neanderthals
Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

I am working out a zaya rum w/ mexi coke and lime right now.

measurements are approximate:

3 ketel one
3/4 st. germain
1/2 noilly pratt
1/4 maraschino

shaken over ice, garnished with orange twist

right now tasting pretty good, but someone should attempt and thereby validate. i always use too much stg
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Tempted to try that, but I haven't found a suitable bottle cart for my living room yet. Don't want to spend the money on the USM cart because it won't fit anything underneath basically, needs to be bottles on both levels. frown.gif

Zaya and Mexican coke, twist of lime would be a drink of the gods. Any decent rum for that matter, Mexican Coke makes it better. I gotta get a bottle of Don Julio for Rum and Cokes, and some white Havana Club for my ladies drinks.
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PS snowmalxl I wish fucking people would follow your lead. you came here with an interest and no idea what the fuck was going on. You bought expensive shit and looked like fashion hit you on a rough night when you weren't expecting it. People attacked your body shape, and how you dressed but you kept with it and now you are consistently one of my favorite posters, lots of hits, lots of misses, but fucking effort and fun which is what it is all about. You look better than ever and you obviously love it so keep doing it.
WTF people get so upset about a .5" stack weirdness on their jeans. Snowman has fun and just rocks out with sick clothes.

Obviously he is older than most posters and has a bit of cash to support the habit but damn everything isn't going to fit perfectly, or fit you. Buy, Sell and have fun.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

\i always use too much stg

St. Germain is the shit.
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