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Not sure if this has been posted, but i just found this laughable knockoff of a nigel cabourn cameraman.

Can't believe someone's even taking credit for "designing it" (micah cohen).
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Hey, life doesn't seem too bad now satisfied.gif thanksbro!
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to be fair, can you 'rip off' cabourn? yea the shades of greige guy is a fucking hack, but cabourn is just basically reissuing vintage pieces, no?
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

also, anyone participate in the silent FW pre order? are we to expect custom fees? cody hasnt answered me..

i did i only got the email saying that silent rain shipped to them, but didnt get one from cody saying he shipped it out. more waiting i guess. i think if anything cody would get charged custom fees. i dont think we would have to pay more.

i feel kinda bad cuz he said shipping ate in to their costs more than expected so much that we basically get free shipping.
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Eh, I can't find a source, but I thought I remembered reading that though Cabourn did draw from Wilfred Noyce's everest jacket, the mashup of the two fabrics was his idea. And, if you look at the urban outfitters coat, it's almost a carbon copy of cabourn's, down to the smallest detail.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post

I've come to the conclusion that my fits and purchases are better when I don't browse SF. There are a lot of diverging styles here and I like a lot of them. I think I end up trying to copy bits and pieces of everything and end up with a hot mess. Perhaps it's more a comment on my inability to commit to one style but I think it's interesting nonetheless. I think I pull of basics really well and the closer I edge to fashion forward stuff the more I end up with massive fails. Please remind me of this post the next time I buy something stupid. Thanks.

Just do what I do and try to look like Fuuma.
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Still an interesting subject. I guess you are more content with taking the pieces away from the RO universe, and bringing them more to "normal" arena, I guess. At least that's what I infer from your perspective. Thats fine too, but I dont like Jay-Z and Kanyes style whatsoever....

1. Barthes awaits you with big, pointy teeth
2. "Normal" is not the same as "Anything other than head-to-toe ninja gear"
3. If I had a cock jacket, I would probably only wear it over a plain white T
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I meant normal as in everyday clothes you see people not trying to engage in fashion. Like basic shirts, hoods, etc
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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

Do I need black waxed jeans with glitter? I think so
Wish I could live my life like this.
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yall got some interest in 45rpm still?
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Originally Posted by Magician View Post

yall got some interest in 45rpm still?

Hell yes! Just happens to be ferociously expensive.

LOVE this:
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Also this shirt:

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starting to discover my ideal aesthetic based on things in my closet that don't really get much wear. i feel like i have conflicting styles for sure, too much WWM and chambray bullshit that i never touch.

i'm learning like everyone had to though. too many purchases that i never really thought through. i really have no idea how i ended up with a closet full of flannels and henleys with mainly MMM footwear haha.

but still, i'm glad i learned from this forum and not hypebeast or sufu. i would much rather have my conflicting bullshit rather than a closet of supreme tees and red wings.
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I wrote an app that downloads every runway collection from GQ in high res (some seasons are only available in a lower resolution so in those cases it gets the best possible).
It also downloads detail pictures in the highest resolution available.

you can specify a designer and season if you only want one collection.
you can also choose a list of designers so it will retrieve every season for those specified designers.

it runs on Linux and Mac OS X.

If anyone is interested I will sell it for 5 dollars per person.
PM me if you have questions or are interested.
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